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Short round up/update

Despite being three days late, this post will be a short one as I am taking a break from studying linguistics for tomorrow’s exam. For all the people thinking “I am sick and tired of hearing about your studies!”: so I am. Unfortunately, not much else happens around here at the moment, well, except for cat snuggling and sleep.

Let’s see: since the write-a-ton, I have finished a 2500 word final and a review for one class, a 3000 word final for another, and played Hamlet, of Hamlet fame. While probably not as convincing as my MacBethian witch last year, there was applause and nobody threw things at me, so I’ll just consider it a success.

In the coming 5 days, I will have 2 two hour exams and I will need to finish up my 30 page writing portfolio by writing a 15 page story. I will also be crafting a folder in which said portfolio will be presented, I will of course take pictures that I will post here later. When all that is done, I will “only” have to rewrite my proposal, read a 600+ page book, write an abstract about it and then do a presentation about it, and that will be it for this year. Unless I have resits of course, but I haven’t had any results from anything yet, so I’m not worrying about that right now. And back to studying linguistics I go!

Fyeah! Decoden phone case!

A couple of weeks ago, I was first introduced to the concept of decoden and was so entranced by it, that I immediately ordered all the things necessary so I could make my own case during summer break.

This Friday evening however, I decided that I desperately needed to do something creative, so I grabbed all the supplies, looked at the tutorial once more and decided to just go for it. All photos are clickable to embiggen, as usual:

Collage 1

On the left are all the things I needed: 100% silicone in a fancy contraption courtesy of The Big Kahuna, who is our family’s hardware expert. Then there’s a plastic bag and an icing tip, which will be used to get said silicone onto the phone case, and of course the clear phone case and the cabochons. In the middle picture you see a close up of the icing tip attached to the plastic bag with clear tape. And in the picture on the right there’s a sorta-kinda layout of the cabochons.

Collage 2

On the left you see the 100% silicone being pushed into the plastic piping bag and on the right there’s the first row of silicone icing. The icing and the placing of the cabochons was extremely stressful, I was so terrified of ruining my entire project that I even forgot to take pictures during the process. It did however turn out pretty awesome, if I may say so myself:

Collage 3

How awesome? So awesome! As you can see, I at some point just freestyled the layout, as the dimensions were quite different due to me sticking the cabochons in a more upright position into the silicone.

Collage 4

And here it is with my phone in it! Although from this angle it might look like there’s a lollypop in front of the camera opening, in reality both the camera opening and the little opening for the speaker (bottom left) are left completely unobstructed. As advised in the tutorial video that I saw, I’m going to let my case dry until the silicone doesn’t smell anymore.

I am super happy with the end result and, after a bit of stress somewhere in the middle when I thought I was doing it wrong, really enjoyed the process! Doing something practical did lift my mood enough for me to get right back into writing yet another multiple thousands of words in the coming two weeks.

The Sketchbook Project 2015 viewable online!

For reasons unknown, this post did not go up automatically last Sunday and I didn’t notice it earlier as I was dealing with what most likely was a resurgence of the flu and did not get out of bed fulltime until today.

While trying to procrastinate from writing yet another something study-related, I decided to check if City Lights, my sketchbook project 2015 submission had by any chance already been scanned and uploaded and lo and behold


*does little happy dance*

Success! (and a windmill picture)

Last week’s write a ton was successful, thankfully one of the essay deadlines got extended a couple of days, which gave me just enough room to breathe. I really hope that I’ll get passing grades and never ever ever ever have to do this again, because it’s neither healthy nor fun.

What is fun, is that I got my results back from the “Introduction to your thesis“-class, which I managed to pass, which is yay. I’m still working on the proposal though, mostly because I have prioritised all my other writing and haven’t paid a lot of attention to it. Hopefully, I’ll finish it sometime in the coming week, together with a film review and probably something else that is due but that I can’t recall right now. My schedule knows, so I’ll figure it out.

For now, have a picture I shot of the windmill at the end of the street, no filter:


Write a ton

While I try to finish up a 2500 word mid-term, a 2000 word mid-term, a 6-page mid-term, a 10 page short story and 6 2-page critiques, have a video of one of my favorite songs ever:

Future career goals

Peeps, I have found my life’s purpose! As soon as I’m done with my studies, I’m going to dedicate my life to Decoden. Deco-what? Decoden:


I have always wanted one of these beyond tacky @#$#$@% awesome phone cases, but for some reason never realised that they are perfectly easy to make. Just some sillicone, a piping bag, a plastic cover and some cabochons (= the thingies you stick onto the phone), it’s probably the least amount of materials I’ve ever needed for any of my projects! :-D

Although I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more projects than I already have on my list this summer, I’m most definitely making one of these cases as soon as this semester is over. *yells “Gimme ALL the cabochons!!!” like the 39-year-old teenager she is*

Dancing in the streets

Last Thursday, I got an email saying that my sketchbook has arrived in Brooklyn already! It’s always a bit scary sending one of a kind material off, and I am very happy that it did arrive, and so quickly too. It will now get scanned and entered into the online database before going off on tour, I will of course post the link as soon as the book is viewable.

For now, a thing that has made me very happy this week:


The Sketchbook Project 2015 is DONE!

In my last post, I wrote about needing to move on after an unsuccesful paper because heaps of deadlines were coming up. One of these deadlines was for The Sketchbook Project 2015.

This year, I started out way earlier than in other years and the plan was to adhere to a January deadline and not the actual one in March. However, being of the “no deadline = no work” variety, I did not manage to do this and finished it up on the 30th of March, one day before the deadline. Which is a vast improvement from finishing it 3 minutes before the deadline and then running to the post office, hoping it’s still open.

Of course I’ve taken pictures of the process, that wasn’t very elaborate this time, as I had already done most of the work. Click on the cover here below to go to Flickr to see the photos:

Cover sketchbook 2015

Moving on

Last Friday, I needed to hand in the introduction to my thesis. Which was already quite strange considering that said thesis has not been written yet. And if you think it can’t get any stranger than that, yes it can: despite having passed the midterm that consisted of my thesis proposal, this exact (well, 99% identical) thesis proposal was then rejected by the thesis committee. Yes, I’ll give you all a minute or so to let this sink in, it also took me a bit.

The feedback was minimal: it said “feasibility?” on top of my proposal. Being bad at mind-reading-through-osmosis, I have no clue WHAT was considered unfeasible: the setup of my experiment? Do I have too many parameters? Is the amount of research excessive? Is my entire proposal a pile of shit? All things that I need to know to move forward, I’d say? Thankfully, I was able to make an appointment with my appointed supervisor last Thursday. Who turned out to be as in the dark as I was on what They wanted. While we did discuss some useful ways of restructuring my proposal, this left me with a situation that just didn’t work for me: I was expected to write an introduction to a thesis that not only doesn’t exist, but that was also rejected and might not ever see the light of day.

If this had happened to me two years ago, I would have taken this all extremely personal, and would have cried very loudly for hours and hours, bemoaning my utter stupidity and incompetence, after which I would have hovered with my mouse over the “deregister” button on the university website until I fell asleep on top of my laptop. Now however, and thereby proving that I DID learn something during my time at university, I didn’t. Instead, I decided to not be deterred by the fact that the thing I’ve written will not make me pass the class, hand it in anyway and move on. In the next 9 weeks, I will have at least one 1 essay/paper/story deadline a week (yes, this is excessive), and I can’t afford letting a non-successful paper trip me up, I just need to move on to the next piece of work that needs to be done.

In the coming week, on top of starting two new classes, I’ll be going on a quest to find the person who commented on my thesis proposal and try to pry more info out of them, as I don’t want to end up with a “You rewrote the part we liked” and/or “You rewrote it, but you should have switched topic completely” situation, as that would be a humongous waste of time for everybody. An update on this situation will of course follow in a couple of weeks.

Trudging through molasses

In the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with writing blogposts. Part of it is time and energy: I’ve had deadlines every week for the last couple of weeks and this will unfortunately continue for the foreseeable future. The rest of it is that I am really done with writing posts about my studies and more specifically the type of “I am frustrated because nobody at that place knows how to plan and/or communicate said (lack of) plans in a proper way, making me have to schedule and reschedule my schedule all the #@$#$@ time”-posts. Unfortunately, this is a very big part of my life right now.

It is SO terribly frustrating to have EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY. be like trudging through molasses and to continuously have “emergencies” on my part pop up due to bad planning and awful communication on their part. Every time I manage to solve one of these “emergencies”, a new one presents itself at the most inconvenient time. For some reason, The Powers That Be seem to think that students have nothing going on in their lives besides waiting for their half-baked instructions, that then get reworked and updated again at least 5 times. There are few things in life that I hate as having my time wasted and right now, that’s what happening.

Unsurprisingly, I am having the hardest time keeping myself motivated and staying positive. Which is a bummer, as I was doing so well with the whole debittering and basically fooling myself that I’m somebody else. On Thursday, I’ll hopefully know how to handle the latest hurdle that has quite unexpectedly been thrown in front of me, and on Friday I have yet another deadline for a paper that will hopefully make me pass a class, so I’m forcing myself to continue despite wanting to just pack my bags and my cat and start walking in a general direction of Paris. This weekend however, I’m going to 1) go shopping and 2) finish up my Sketchbook Project 2015 entry. I will of course take pictures and write a blogpost about it. I’m seriously looking forward to it.


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