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Breaking news: Class passed!

Yes people, the thing we’ve all been waiting for has happened: I passed yesterday’s class, which means that all that is left to graduate is a thesis! *faints*

Of course said thesis will still be a struggle to complete, but at least I won’t have to worry about having to be healthy on a specific day at a specific time, which saves me a lot of stress. *goes back to Konmari style housecleaning*

Excellent news!!!

Earlier today, I wrote my final exam EVAH on 1 1/2 hours of sleep. Those who follow me on The Gram of Insta have already seen the picture of me right after that exam, but for those who didn’t, here it is:


Brought to you by Brinkadeth productions.

Anyway, I then went home for a nap, then had an appointment, returned back home and figured I’d check my email before taking a shower and going to bed…


For the peeps who know figure skating history: I went completely Rudy Galindo at the US nationals in 1996. For those who have no clue, here’s a video of an awesome person who kept going despite adversity and, oh, just watch it:

The wait is now for the result of this morning’s exam, which can basically torpedo everything when it’s not a 5.5 or above. In the meantime, I’m going to start up the Konmari-style cleaning of my house. But first sleep.

New York meets the Dam exposition

For those who like graffiti & street art, here on my Flickr there’s a short impression of the “New York meets the Dam” expo currently (until 24 January) happening at the Amsterdam Museum.

Clark Cat passed away this morning

I was going to post street art pictures today, but they will have to wait until next week, as my dear cat Clark passed away this morning.

Clark + Me

2016 – The Pre-Cap

Happy 2016 everybody! I figured that in a world in which the Star Wars franchise gets sequels and prequels, I could have my own pre-cap. So here’s what I’ll be doing in the next few months:

  1. This month, I will be writing the final two exams of my studies, after which I only need to write my thesis to graduate. I have decided that if I for some reason do not pass these two exams, I will be quitting my studies. I have apparently gone through all the Stages of Grief and have reached the “I don’t give a flying f*ck anymore, I just want my life back come February 1”-stage.
  2. Once February happens, independent of potential thesis writing, I will be cleaning out my house Marie Kondo style. I am sick and tired of living in a crypt surrounded by Stuff From The Past/Stuff For A Future That Never Materialised. I am planning to get rid of at least half of the things that are currently in my house. I will of course donate everything useful and recycle everything that is broken.
  3. Despite planning and some progress, I still have about 3 zines and 3 sketchbooks that are Not Finished Yet. I will finish them in the month of March, then go on a Sketchbook/zinewriting hiatus as I re-evalue my ~creative existence~: do I care enough about my ~creative existence~ to be a 40+ year old person who writes and glues stuff together that nobody cares about (see also: the piles of my own zines on my cupboard), or should I maybe do something else with my time, money and energy?
  4. Re-evaluate my life in general, to see if the constant feeling of “I feel stuck!!!” subsides once my studies are over, or if I need to make other adjustments in my life too.
  5. Try not to fall apart completely and turn into a non-functioning mess once Clark (my cat, he has terminal cancer) dies. As you can imagine, this point will be the hardest to manage. I’m not sure I will. Manage, that is.

I have already started studying for my exams, so point 1 is on its way. Next week I will finally post a photo set of an exhibition I went to in November(!), peeps who love graffiti/street art should definitely be stoked! *studies some more*

Happy 2016 everybody!

I will resume posting here on Monday 4th!


OMG! Somebody posted a video of me doing my BA degree on youtube!

But seriously, the parallels between me and Zeus (the dog in the video) are uncanny:

  • physically deemed unsuited by most for the task at hand;
  • cheered on by coach (in my case study advisor) who doesn’t believe this to be true;
  • laughed at by some, cheered on by others;
  • slow, but keeps going;
  • not done when the buzzer rings, but keeps going;
  • makes some mistakes, but corrects them and/or keeps going;
  • basically: keeps going;
  • eventually finishes and gets all the cheers.

And now back to studying for me, as I definitely want to go from “keeps going” to “eventually finishes and gets all the cheers”. Thank you, Mastiff gentledog for inspiring me to keep going! *keeps going*

Not over yet

While I usually am not much of an ~inspiring life quotes~ loving person, I do want to share this article that is keeping me from giving up on everything and walking away in a general direction of Paris*. 2 more weeks until Christmas break.

*Note: my walking in a general direction of Paris is a historic thing, completely unrelated to any horrid events that have happened there recently.

And now for something completely different

Since I have ab-so-lute-ly nothing positive or even remotely interesting to say on this godawful stormy day, have an awesome documentary about the origins of ballet:

[title goes here]

According to my doctor, all infections have left my body, so that’s a yay! I still do feel run over by a truck, then stampeded by 25 horses, but according to her “That is to be expected”. My doctor is a very straighforward and practical woman. Despite not feeling like my usual self yet, I am very happy not to be spending my days half in a daze, only getting out of the haze it to ingest another pill – 17 times a day. Let’s just hope this vague lingering stomach ache subsides quicky so I can get on with my life in full force.

I did get on with my life in semi-force this week: I had to figure out if and if so, how I would be moving on with my studies. After discussing my situation with my teachers, supervisor and study advisor, I have decided to first focus on finishing up my final class. Thankfully, the resit for the exam of that class I missed due to illness has been postponed to January, so I don’t have to do three exams in one week. I will mostly focus on the general exam and also try and pass the other (literature) exam, but if I don’t pass that, that’s not a huge deal, as there is still a resit I can do in January too.

Work on my thesis has been postponed until January, which means that I won’t be graduating in February unfortunately – I am now aiming for March. While this is frustrating and annoying and it feels like I’m running a marathon that gets extended all the time, this is the only way I still have a decent chance at graduating this academic year, so I’ll have to take it. Slow motion is better than no motion, easy does it, one day at the time, one foot in front of the other, etcetera etcetera.


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