by LP

You’d think that after going through an Introduction Day, an Introduction Week and an Introductory Meeting in the course of 4 weeks, I’d be awesome at introducing myself.


For some reason it never gets easier or less awkward. It’s like with job application cover letters: when I read them back, the description always feels both incomplete and braggy, not to mention insincere. According to some, who you are is defined not by what you say, but by what you do. And while I know that “what you do” should not be (strictly) interpreted as “things you do”, I think it’s easiest at this point (mostly because this is turning into a semi-pretentious blabfest and I really want to get this first post over with) if I just make a list with clickable links:

I live in Amsterdam, where I study English at the UvA. My Dutch blog LogPoes can be found here, I’ve been writing it since 2002 and am eagerly awaiting my award for “longest running, least read, not even that crappily written blog”. Sometimes I take pictures. I read. I’m also into cats. I play bass. I unironically love The Poeticores and I don’t care that I’m biased. I tweet a lot and should REALLY cut down on that. I love to swim. I (co)write zines. I want to learn something new every day. I enjoy calling things I do Projects (more on that in later posts). I’m probably forgetting Actual Important Things, but whatever.

In short: hi! I’m LogPoes! How are you doing?