I love my classmates

by LP

My classmates are pretty damn awesome. No, not because they all thought I was “25, tops” when they first met me (though that was pretty hilarious) but because of conversations like this:

Classmate 1: “Who’s the dude on the cover of our theory book?”
Me: “That’s Judith Butler.”
Classmate 1: “No, I mean, the dude.”
Me:  “That’s not a dude, that’s Judith Butler.”
Classmate 2, laptop in front of him: “Who?”
Me: “Judith Butler. The God of Hellfire.”
Teacher, overhears and interrupts: “Who’s the God of Hellfire?”
Me: “Judith Butler.”
Teacher, gushing: “OhIknowrightshesoooamazing!!! I met her at a conference once!”
The teacher and I then proceeded to fangirl for a good 5 minutes. Like you do.

Fast forward to a couple of days later:

Classmate 3, pointing to theory book: “Who’s that?”
Classmate 2, proud: “That’s Judith Butler. She’s the God of Hellfire!”