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Month: December, 2011

Studenting – recap of week 9 through 15

The first 8 weeks.

Week 9: I got my flu shot, which resulted in a 38 degree fever for the rest of the week, I learned that I actually didn’t know how to write an essay and passed a note in class. It was also the week in which the inside joke “Lederhosen” was born during Literature in Theory (hence the note passing). On Friday I felt so miserable, that I cried in class. Oh well, at least I got that over with.

Week 10: the week in which I would meet my “tutor”, by which they don’t mean “someone who teaches you”, but “a teacher you regularly talk to during the course of your studies to see what’s up”. Confusing, I know. By this time I wasn’t even considering dropping out anymore: I was completely convinced I would be kicked out or, like I told my tutor “advised to quit, get married and have a bunch of kids like a good girl should”. She looked at me like “WTF woman?!”, I blamed the fever and she made an appointment for me with the study advisor. Apparently they’re the ones that you should be BFF’s with when you’re chronically ill. University: where you learn something new every day. Oh wait, you actually do! 😀

During the rest of this week I managed somehow to finish a 1500 word essay FROM HELL, convinced yet another classmate that, yes, she really IS a feminist, briefly considered getting a Facebook, pondered my existence and the fact that I always feel like I don’t do anything with my life whatsoever and had a discussion about Lederhosen being a social construct (remember kids: EVERYTHING is a social construct). Our class collectively decided that the British and American Culture workgroup would from now on be referred to as “The JL Appreciation Hour”, because our teacher is uh-may-zing. This was also the week in which my classmate J, after much encouragement, spoke in class for the first time. It was awesome.

Week 11: I needed to do something else, so I compiled a zine in 8 hours which made me feel better. The study advisor was very sweet, did laugh at me a bit when she found out that “I failed everything EVER” actually meant “I failed two exams” and told me to chill the f*ck out and keep at it. And then, as if by magic, I chilled the f*ck out.
Ok, a little. But still, there was a noticeable difference. I guess that being told that they DO want me there does make a difference to me after all.

Got a text message from my classmate J, which means I’m now officially cool. We then went to an illegally downloaded film screening of Othello. Attendance: 7 students. Yes, including us. Other things of note this week: I decided at three points during the week that sleep was more important than reading yet another pdf with information I already knew, went to a way-too-short lecture by Robin Celikates on “Civil Disobedience and its Role in Democracy” or, according to my classmates “some of that radical sh*t LP is into”. Afterwards I nagged The Big Kahuna about transferring to the Philosophy department. As always, she said no.

Week 12: despite it being Le Foggy outside, teacher T., or according to some ladies in our group “Tasty T.”, was on a roll and dubbed J, S and me “The Redhead Contingent”. Which we decided to officially adopt as our name. On Tuesday, we went to see classmate M. perform in a play and were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t the only three. The JL Appreciation Hour slowly turned into “The JL and LP Discuss Things Amongst Themselves and Go “I know, right?” A Lot”-hour and finally, finally wrote that essay about feminism without using “deconstruction” or “in short, f*ck patriarchy”. Got a 14,5 out of 15: SCORE!

Week 13: Tasty T. called in sick, which meant I had the day off, so I slept all day. Did the same thing on Tuesday. Lots of sleep on Wednesday. I even slept more than 2 hours from Wednesday to Thursday, which was a first. Did you know that not being exhausted works wonders for your general everything? It’s amazing! 😀

Week 14: I managed to enroll in my classes for next semester without any problems. I ROCKED my presentation about zines. Like whoa! Went to class on Thursday on absolutely no sleep, but did not want to miss the last JL Appreciation Hour of this semester. Found out that she’ll be teaching us next semester too. On Friday The Redhead Contingent featuring W. did a presentation on Estuary English which went really well. And to top the awesomeness off, my classmate C. looked me straight in the face during his presentation and said “because everything is a social construct”. I yelled “Yesss!” and literally went \o/! In short: Best. Week. Ever.

Week 15: 1 word: exhausted. Wrote a catch up exam and for 1 day was completely on schedule. Wrote a final exam, which went ok. I then really tried to write the two essays that were due, but was too exhausted. Freaked out like a stupid stupid for a while, then decided to stop being Le Stupid and ask one teacher for an extension (“OF COURSE!”) and JL for a resit. Who then proceeded to thank me for my contributions in class and told me “you are one of my best students”. <3! I showed up to the last class of the semester wearing a cat hoodie and cat shoes. Like you do. I sat next to W. and at some point we started singing “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson. Yes. Me. Singing. In public. Which can only mean one thing: academia drove me batshit. 😉

Conclusion (for the tl;dr crowd): I did a lot of stuff, managed to chill the f*ck out for about 5 out of the 7 weeks and brevity is not my strongest point. Also: Lederhosen.



Last week I did a presentation on zines and it was AWESOME! I was on a roll, my Power Point Presentation had the best font ever and my classmates were very interested, which helped a lot. I’ve done talks where the audience Did Not Respond and while I managed to make it work, it’s very draining and Decidedly Not Fun. This however, felt AWE-SOME! And yes, I did the “I rock” dance while on the phone with The Big Kahuna afterwards.

During my research I found some handy Zine 101-links:

I also made this mini-zine

Mini Zine for presentation 7 December 2011

as a hand out and I’ve still got three copies left. If you want one, please leave a comment or email me at and I’ll send it to you!

ETA: all the mini-zines have found a new home! 🙂

Preparing for The Sketchbook Project – 2

This morning after class, I celebrated having succesfully completed “week 13” by going to the arts supply store. I’d planned to only buy a bone folder (for zine folding) and some paper, but as you can see in the picture below, I got a bit carried away and bought, amongst others, cat shaped paper clips. Yes, really.

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