by LP

Last week I did a presentation on zines and it was AWESOME! I was on a roll, my Power Point Presentation had the best font ever and my classmates were very interested, which helped a lot. I’ve done talks where the audience Did Not Respond and while I managed to make it work, it’s very draining and Decidedly Not Fun. This however, felt AWE-SOME! And yes, I did the “I rock” dance while on the phone with The Big Kahuna afterwards.

During my research I found some handy Zine 101-links:

I also made this mini-zine

Mini Zine for presentation 7 December 2011

as a hand out and I’ve still got three copies left. If you want one, please leave a comment or email me at logpoes@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you!

ETA: all the mini-zines have found a new home! 🙂