Activism is the new black

by LP

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a lecture at Spui 25 by Dr. Gaston Franssen on how the concept/practice of being a writer has changed since the second world war. He (amongst other things) argued that in this day of online media, being a writer is more than writing, it’s also projecting the image of (what other people think it means to be) a writer. He of course did this way more eloquently and I was really glad that despite it being ridiculously cold I decided to go.

One of the things he mentioned was capitalism’s well known tendency to commodify everything. He used the way hippie terminology (Natural! Free! Green! and the like) has been used to sell anything from avocados to cars as an example.

Today I got two newsletters: one was trying to sell me Rage, the anarchy edition for the PS3 that I don’t have and the other one promised me AXE Anarchy deodorant for her as a gift with purchase if I bought something else I didn’t know I needed. Which, together with this picture I took sometime in January

Activism is so hip...

and the fact that for a while now everybody who, at some point or another, has expressed an opinion (that might or might not have been their own) refers to themselves as “an activist”, seems to indicate that we have A Trend on our hands…