School’s out! (well, sorta)

by LP

Yesterday was my last day of classes, which means that course-wise, I’ve finished my first year. I still have to write 4 essays and do 6 exams (and maybe some resits, but let’s worry about that later) before I’m actually done, but this is a milestone. There have been many moments this school year where I thought I would never get to this point, but despite everything I did! And even if I fail all my exams and only write drivel in the next month, I’m still awesome because I managed to get to this point. *cue the crying*

Anyway, to mark this achievement I bought myself a present. How amazing is this wrapping paper?

And how amazing are both this tiny suitcase (for zine carrying) and this notebook?

The picture of the cat on the back of the notebook has special significance, but more on that later.