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Month: July, 2012

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 30

Today was going to be the day in which I tried to write a zine for the 24 hour zine thing again, but I was too annoyed with Everything In General. For the people thinking “Well, write about THAT!”: nah. There’s enough whining and complaining in the world already, there’s really no need for me to add to that. So yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen with my 24 hour zine thing. I might try again tomorrow or just let it go. I’ll see.

Instead of writing, I decided to sort through the 3 half-meter high (that’s a little less than 20 inches for the non-metric peeps) piles of notes, hand outs and printed stuff I’ve accumulated during the last year at university. I managed to throw 99% away, it’s not like I’m ever going to look through the 50+ pages of parse trees I drew last semester. Since I was on a roll, I then undid my reference works from their sticky notes and checked which books I do and don’t need next year.

It’s strange: 6 weeks ago I was still doing exams and in 5 weeks I will be back at university, but it’s like that is somebody else’s life completely. Last week, someone asked me “So, what do you do?” and I really had to think. The fact that I finished the first year of my studies still hasn’t really registered apparently: while sorting through my notes I kept thinking “Wait, I can’t throw that away, I still need to pass that cla… no wait, I did pass that class already”. I wonder if this will be different next semester or if it’ll only register that I’ve Done Something when I (hopefully!) get my diploma in two years.

No, I don’t know what I’m trying to say with this post either. It’s just one of these days I guess. Throwing out things did feel good though, so I think I’ll be doing a bit more of that now.


LP’s excellent staycation – Day 28

Peeps who know me, know that there’s Things I Don’t Do. Three of these things are “singing in public” (yeah, yeah, I know), “acting” (a dramatic reading is NOT acting, ok?) and “write poetry”.

I guess you can already guess where this is going, right?

During the first morning of my creative writing course, we were asked to write 5 haiku-like poems. Actual haiku’s have a pattern of 5-7-5 on (which are like syllables but not quite, according to Wikipedia), we had to stick to 4-6-4 syllables for some reason. The goal of the exercise was to write within a restricted format and despite my initial “I REALLY don’t think so!”-kneejerk reaction, I managed to actually write 5 of them within 26 minutes!

And since I already threw the concept “comfort zone” out the window sometime last week by publishing a piece of unedited fiction AND because I think they’re actually kinda funny, here are my wonky haikus:

“Summer is here
people sitting outside
close the curtains”

“Where would I be
without my dishwasher
washing dishes”

“Clock is ticking
wanting to weaponise
my water bottle”

“A strange notebook
forgot my pencil
and eraser”

“24 hours
cutting and pasting text
equals one zine”

“Piles of make up
turn men into women
no t no shade”

Yes, the last one is about RuPaul’s Drag Race, which probably proves that my transition from mo to pomo is now complete. Or something equally nonsensical-yet-pretentious.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 26

Yesterday I felt like a crash was coming, so I decided to be smart and go back to bed to catch up on some sleep.

I think it’s a sign that I’m gradually becoming more of a grown ass mature adult: while I still have a tendency to put (way) too much stuff on my plate, I am getting better at taking time off BEFORE I nearly drop dead of exhaustion and misery. I have great hopes that by the time I’m uh, really old, I’ll have learned to not want to do ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME AT THE SAME TIME.

That, and how to actually apply fake eyelashes onto my own eyes. Tips are, as always, welcome!

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 24

This week I’m taking a creative writing course at the cultural student center of the university. Up to now, I’d never really written fictional things, but last summer I somehow got this strange idea that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and enrolled in a creative writing course last September. I unfortunately fell sick and was unable to do the course then, so I’m taking it now.

Yesterday I wrote wonky haikus (we were supposed to do 4, 6 and 4 syllables for reasons unknown), if at the end of the week I still think they’re hilarious I might post them here. What I am posting today is a little story I wrote this morning. We were supposed to sit outside with our eyes closed and write down everything we heard, and then write a fictional story about it, so that’s what I did. Please note: 1) this is fiction, a.k.a. Not Real At All 2) this was written in 23 minutes and 3) this is a one-take, unedited piece of writing. So, with all the disclaimers out of the way, here goes nothing:

“Don’t you love how quiet it is here?” whispers the girl lying next to me. I make a non-commital sound and think she must either live next to a fun fair or have some sort of hearing impediment.

I hate this part the most. The balancing, the stretching, hell, even the cramps in my left calf are preferable to this “Now lie down and relaaax”-pose. How am I supposed to relax with all this drilling, clanging, rattling?

Am I the only one who hears this? I open my eyes for a second to peek around the room. Everybody is lying on their backs, all relaxed. I suspect some of them are on the verge of falling asleep. I close my eyes again and try to block out the construction noises by trying to find a rhythmical pattern. There is none.

Oh great! Now I’ve noticed the traffic noises too. And why are people unable to open and close doors QUIETLY? Don’t they realise this is a yoga studio? I already have enough trouble trying to block David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ that’s been stuck in my head for two weeks now, without there being all sorts of unnecessary noise.

Of course! Call your boyfriend from the hallway! Knowing all about your dinner plans is very relaxing! Was that a water bottle that fell over!? Somebody yells “Can everything and everyone PLEASE BE QUIET, I’M TRYING TO RELAX HERE!”

I sit up, open my eyes and see the whole class staring at me. I think it’s time to find a new yoga studio.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 22

On Friday I got an email from Spider Lashes titled “PLAN OF ATTACK”. It turned out she’d gotten us two passes for the launch of Lush‘s new cosmetics collection. After some emailing back and forth, we decided to be at the store right when it opened, because we were expecting heaps of people and everything being sold out by 11:00. I mean, they didn’t give out these VIP passed for nothing, right?

When we entered the store at 10:03, we were enthousiastically greeted by the ladies behind the counter. We were the first people there. And also the only people there. Yes, you may laugh, we did too. For some reason this always happens: when I think I shouldn’t bother cueing or being early, things sell out within 15 minutes. If I decide to be early, no1curr apparently. 😀

Anyway, we got our colour reading, which involved a spinning wheel, dry ice smoke and the choosing of 3 favorite colours. All colours have names that correspond with emotions/personality traits. The first colour you choose is supposed to signify your strength or weakness, the second one is your subconcious and the third one is what you aspire: I chose Confident, Passionate and Control. I’m still trying to figure out what to think of that.

We then went slightly crazy and tested ALL THE COLOURS and I ended up buying completely different colours than I’d chosen at first, mostly because I already had a lot of similar colours at home and I wanted to try something new. I did try the Passionate lipstick on: it was seriously fuchsia and it stayed put all day without my lips ending up all shriveled and dried out, which often happens with ‘long lasting’ lipsticks. As soon as I’ve made a dent in my ridiculous lipstick stash, I’m definitely buying one of the lipsticks too.

So, on to the goodies! Click the picture(s) to enlarge:

First picture, from left to right: Sophisticated, Success, Motivation and the Right Eyes mascara. Middle picture: the VIP pass was a compact mirror that says “You are an Emotional Brilliance VIP. Come to the store and get a free colour reading”. Last picture, from left to right: Sophisticated, Success and Motivation again. Aren’t the labels the cutest thing ever?

And like a real beauty blogger, I also swatched the colours:

First picture, from top to bottom: a daylight picture of a tattoo, Sophisticated, Motivation and Success. Middle picture: the applicators. Officially Sophisticated is an eyeshadow, while Success and Motivation are both eyeliners, but of course you can apply them any way/anywhere you want. Also: tiny mascara brush FTW! Last picture: an artificial light picture of of a tattoo, Sophisticated, Motivation and Success.

The Right Eyes mascara is AWESOME by the way, you don’t even feel it but you do see a significant difference. What is also great is that you can put on multiple layers and it won’t turn into a clumpy mess. The entire collection is vegan, which makes me happy.

So, in short: peeps who like make up, go check it out! Peeps who don’t like make up: go check it out and buy some for someone who does like make up! *goes off to stare at her gorgeous lashes some more*

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 20

And then, after weeks of wearing two hoodies on top of each other and woolen socks, summer happened:

Or at least, that’s what it looked like from behind my window, you didn’t really think I’d go outside, do you? *mumbles “Homebody, hermit, same diff”* 😉

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 18

I woke up sneezy, full of snot and feeling VERY sorry for myself for being sick. Fortunately today was also the day in which my epic zine order from Marching Stars Distro arrived!

The blue thing on the left is a tote bag I got because it’s July and my order was more than 12 pounds. It’s even more awesome IRL than in the picture!

I’m off to bed with a hot water bottle (yes, it is THAT cold around here) and my new zines. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day healthwise.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 16

So, that 24 hour zine I started? I didn’t finish it.

For those who have no clue: you’re supposed to plan, make and print a 24 page zine in 24 hours. By the time I’d reached hour 7, I only had 5 pages done. Which left me with two options: speed up my tempo times 4-and-something and make a very hurried zine I wouldn’t be happy with, or decide that this idea I had was too elaborate for a 24 hour zine and decide to finish it some other time.

Since I’ve officially signed up for the 24 hour zine thing, I will try again before the end of this month. It will be quite a challenge to find a topic that interests me enough to write about, but that is also “restricted” enough. What did me in during my previous attempt was that I had Too Much To Say and was going all over the place. Which isn’t really a problem usually, because I just edit things to fit as soon as I start laying out, but with the 24 hour zine challenge you don’t have time for that: it’s pretty much a one-draft thing. Well, to me it is, because I’m also a very slow writer.

So, in short: first attempt at the 24 hour zine thing was unsuccessful in terms of finishing a zine, but I learned what not to do the next time AND I’ve done 5 pages on a zine that I will be finishing later. *mumbles something about it being a ~learning experience~ and then starts laughing out loud to herself for being so corny*

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 14

Today was spent working on my 24 hour zine thing, which is a long way from being finished and which I HAAATE, because I hate all my writing while I’m doing it. Yup, I know how to have fun! 😉 *continues to paste stuff onto other stuff*

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 12

Note: this blogpost is posted one day later due to issues with my internet connection.

Today, I returned a book to the library and then had some thoughts about the use of “bloeit”, which means “to flourish” as in “to bloom” as in “the thing which flowers do” in this slogan

“Hier bloeit de Amstelcampus”/”The Amstelcampus flourishes here”. Thoughts that made so much sense to me at that moment, that I didn’t think to write them down, and now I can’t coherently recreate them, which probably means that they’re lost to peepkind forever. Oh well.

I was then joined by Schildpad and Spider Lashes. Kouw was unfortunately unable to join us due to illness, which was blugh. 😦 After Schildpad had ceremoniously said goodbye to her old school building (by spitting on it), we walked in the direction of the squat where we’d be having vegan noms. Of course I’d forgotten to bring directions, so there I was, a grown ass mature adult, in the middle of the street, in a too-fancy dress with a rose on my headband, on the phone with my mother, asking her for the directions to a squat…

As I’m not quite sure as to what the rules regarding that specific squat and picture taking is, I only took a picture of our desert

Yes, this is vegan chocolate cake. And it was still warm.

We then walked back to the Schildpad Residence, we saw this bird-on-a-stick

and it’s gnome minions friends

For the peeps who can’t read Dutch: the sign said “Don’t steal! Children’s garden”, so I assume neighbouring children are taking care of the gnomes and feeding them mushroom quiches once in a while. *puts “find a tiny little oven fit for garden gnomes” on to do list*

We then hung out a bit at the Schildpad Residence and the night ended, as always, with me leaving in a rush because the last tram doesn’t care that time flies when you’re having fun.