LP’s excellent staycation – Day 2

by LP

The people who read my post on my Dutch blog yesterday can skip ahead to the text after the glittery banner.

For everybody else: Hi! Welcome to LP’s excellent staycation! Because when life hands you lemons, you use the juice to bleach your hair so you’ll look more like Malibu Barbie! Or you pretend to be a normal person and you make lemonade!

Since you’re all probably going “WTF!?” right now, a short explanation: I had awesome plans for this summer and they all fell through for various reasons, the final one being that it turned out that (despite being told otherwise) I’ll be paying almost 3 times as much tuition from next year on…

In happier news, I did pass all my 7 classes this semester! Can I get a w00t?

Thank you!

So, with the semester finally, finally done, two months of no classes ahead of me and a huge list of things I want to do, I decided to commit to blogging every odd day on my Dutch blog and every even day here. This as a way to motivate myself to Get Things Done: I am a Master Procrastinator and if I don’t track my progress, I know that it’ll “all of a sudden” be September and I’ll have done none of the things I want to do. And because I’m a grown ass mature adult, I decided to make this into a project, give it a silly name and made a glittery banner:

CreationsByRichie.com - Web Banner Designs

One of the main things I will be focusing on these two months, is zine writing. The last zine I published was in December, which feels like forever ago. The first thing I’m going to do is finally finish the layout of the “The Summer”-zine. It’s been really frustrating to have something lying around that is 97% written/edited and not being able to work on it due to time constraints. I’m really looking forward to that accomplished feeling once it’s done.

Since July is International Zine Month, I’ve also signed up to participate in the 24 hour zine thing, where you’re supposed to create A 24 page zine from scratch in 24 hours.

I also have other zine related projects I want to pursue, but I don’t want to overcommit myself (even more ;-P). I’ve been working way too hard all year and I need to take things considerably slower. The fact that I’ve decided to NOT do all the things on the (very awesome) International Zine Month poster is a good step, right?