LP’s excellent staycation – Day 4

by LP

Yesterday I tried to end capitalism by going on a massive shopping spree, because we all know that the only way to fork the system up is from the inside out by buying the last non-animal tested Urban Decay eyeshadows at a 50% discount. Or something.

Anyway, I decided that after all this action, today was going to be a slow day. So I slept in, finished a book, washed and dressed myself (which I do every day, regardless if I intend to leave the house or not), put some ointment on my tattoo, thought about how much I’d like to go swimming, thought about how strange it is that I always feel a huge urge to go swimming when I can’t, did a ridiculous amount of laundry, wrote some emails, replied to some emails, dropped by my neighbours 10 houses down the street multiple times to try and collect a package of mine which was delivered to them (they weren’t home at 14:00, 18:00 or 21:30), felt a bit sad, cried for a bit, told myself to stop feeling sad and go for some groceries, went for some groceries, ate some dates, thought about how weird it is that I spent my entire youth boycotting South Africa and now buy food coming from there, thought about the country I now boycot, went “That country’s f*cked up!” out loud to myself, realised that talking to myself has gotten weirder now that I don’t have cats anymore, put on some candles even though it was still light outside, finally managed to make my tumblr look semi-decent (I know, the header looks weirdly positioned), read a (pdf of) a zine, tagged 300 posts/reorganised/changed settings on my Dutch blog, which was a ridiculous amount of work for the little changes they were, felt tempted to scratch my tattoo, put some more ointment on it instead, did some more laundry, practised my Spanish on Memrise where words are plants that you need to water to make them grow, realised that it was really hot outside today and that actual my garden could do with some watering too, watered my garden, had some soychocolatemilk and then realised that it was actually 10 to 23 and I didn’t have anything to write about for day 4 of LP’s excellent staycation.

To make up for that (and to thank you for having read through all of the above), have a picture of a plate of vegetarian sushi:

Because vegetarian sushi rules.