LP’s excellent staycation – Day 8

by LP

Yesterday, I wrote a post on my Dutch blog about my inability to understand how so many Grown Ass Mature Adults (GAMA?) are seemingly incapable of amusing themselves. If in the last year I’d gotten a euro for every time I’ve heard someone complain about being “bored”, well, this wouldn’t have been a staycation.

I asked people to explain this boredom to me, but while I did get some great replies, I’m still not much closer to understanding it. Procrastination, I get. Feeling yucky and miserable and not being able to do things you want to do? I get that too. But having ab-so-lute-ly no clue what to do with yourself on a (very) regular basis? Nope. If anyone reading this thinks they’re able to explain this to me: please try!

In other news: I think I’ve finally resumed work on The Summer zine, mostly referred to as The Bane of My Existence around these parts. I’ve been working on it and talking about it for so long now, that I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you think that this zine doesn’t even exist outside my head. Here is proof that it isn’t (entirely) mythical:

*goes back to work*