LP’s excellent staycation – Day 12

by LP

Note: this blogpost is posted one day later due to issues with my internet connection.

Today, I returned a book to the library and then had some thoughts about the use of “bloeit”, which means “to flourish” as in “to bloom” as in “the thing which flowers do” in this slogan

“Hier bloeit de Amstelcampus”/”The Amstelcampus flourishes here”. Thoughts that made so much sense to me at that moment, that I didn’t think to write them down, and now I can’t coherently recreate them, which probably means that they’re lost to peepkind forever. Oh well.

I was then joined by Schildpad and Spider Lashes. Kouw was unfortunately unable to join us due to illness, which was blugh. 😦 After Schildpad had ceremoniously said goodbye to her old school building (by spitting on it), we walked in the direction of the squat where we’d be having vegan noms. Of course I’d forgotten to bring directions, so there I was, a grown ass mature adult, in the middle of the street, in a too-fancy dress with a rose on my headband, on the phone with my mother, asking her for the directions to a squat…

As I’m not quite sure as to what the rules regarding that specific squat and picture taking is, I only took a picture of our desert

Yes, this is vegan chocolate cake. And it was still warm.

We then walked back to the Schildpad Residence, we saw this bird-on-a-stick

and it’s gnome minions friends

For the peeps who can’t read Dutch: the sign said “Don’t steal! Children’s garden”, so I assume neighbouring children are taking care of the gnomes and feeding them mushroom quiches once in a while. *puts “find a tiny little oven fit for garden gnomes” on to do list*

We then hung out a bit at the Schildpad Residence and the night ended, as always, with me leaving in a rush because the last tram doesn’t care that time flies when you’re having fun.