LP’s excellent staycation – Day 22

by LP

On Friday I got an email from Spider Lashes titled “PLAN OF ATTACK”. It turned out she’d gotten us two passes for the launch of Lush‘s new cosmetics collection. After some emailing back and forth, we decided to be at the store right when it opened, because we were expecting heaps of people and everything being sold out by 11:00. I mean, they didn’t give out these VIP passed for nothing, right?

When we entered the store at 10:03, we were enthousiastically greeted by the ladies behind the counter. We were the first people there. And also the only people there. Yes, you may laugh, we did too. For some reason this always happens: when I think I shouldn’t bother cueing or being early, things sell out within 15 minutes. If I decide to be early, no1curr apparently. šŸ˜€

Anyway, we got our colour reading, which involved a spinning wheel, dry ice smoke and the choosing of 3 favorite colours. All colours have names that correspond with emotions/personality traits. The first colour you choose is supposed to signify your strength or weakness, the second one is your subconcious and the third one is what you aspire: I chose Confident, Passionate and Control. I’m still trying to figure out what to think of that.

We then went slightly crazy and tested ALL THE COLOURS and I ended up buying completely different colours than I’d chosen at first, mostly because I already had a lot of similar colours at home and I wanted to try something new. I did try the Passionate lipstick on: it was seriously fuchsia and it stayed put all day without my lips ending up all shriveled and dried out, which often happens with ‘long lasting’ lipsticks. As soon as I’ve made a dent in my ridiculous lipstick stash, I’m definitely buying one of the lipsticks too.

So, on to the goodies! Click the picture(s) to enlarge:

First picture, from left to right: Sophisticated, Success, Motivation and the Right Eyes mascara. Middle picture: the VIP pass was a compact mirror that says “You are an Emotional Brilliance VIP. Come to the store and get a free colour reading”. Last picture, from left to right: Sophisticated, Success and Motivation again. Aren’t the labels the cutest thing ever?

And like a real beauty blogger, I also swatched the colours:

First picture, from top to bottom: a daylight picture of a tattoo, Sophisticated, Motivation and Success. Middle picture: the applicators. Officially Sophisticated is an eyeshadow, while Success and Motivation are both eyeliners, but of course you can apply them any way/anywhere you want. Also: tiny mascara brush FTW! Last picture: an artificial light picture of of a tattoo, Sophisticated, Motivation and Success.

The Right Eyes mascara is AWESOME by the way, you don’t even feel it but you do see a significant difference. What is also great is that you can put on multiple layers and it won’t turn into a clumpy mess. The entire collection is vegan, which makes me happy.

So, in short: peeps who like make up, go check it out! Peeps who don’t like make up: go check it out and buy some for someone who does like make up! *goes off to stare at her gorgeous lashes some more*