LP’s excellent staycation – Day 28

by LP

Peeps who know me, know that there’s Things I Don’t Do. Three of these things are “singing in public” (yeah, yeah, I know), “acting” (a dramatic reading is NOT acting, ok?) and “write poetry”.

I guess you can already guess where this is going, right?

During the first morning of my creative writing course, we were asked to write 5 haiku-like poems. Actual haiku’s have a pattern of 5-7-5 on (which are like syllables but not quite, according to Wikipedia), we had to stick to 4-6-4 syllables for some reason. The goal of the exercise was to write within a restricted format and despite my initial “I REALLY don’t think so!”-kneejerk reaction, I managed to actually write 5 of them within 26 minutes!

And since I already threw the concept “comfort zone” out the window sometime last week by publishing a piece of unedited fiction AND because I think they’re actually kinda funny, here are my wonky haikus:

“Summer is here
people sitting outside
close the curtains”

“Where would I be
without my dishwasher
washing dishes”

“Clock is ticking
wanting to weaponise
my water bottle”

“A strange notebook
forgot my pencil
and eraser”

“24 hours
cutting and pasting text
equals one zine”

“Piles of make up
turn men into women
no t no shade”

Yes, the last one is about RuPaul’s Drag Race, which probably proves that my transition from mo to pomo is now complete. Or something equally nonsensical-yet-pretentious.