LP’s excellent staycation – Day 46

by LP

Yesterday I got an email titled “Introduction day”. I immediately thought they’d made a mistake, because I’ve been there, done that last year. But it turned out that they were looking for people to show the new 1st year students around during the introduction day and that my favorite teacher (yes, JL) had recommended me!

Being Le Curmudgeon due to that mutant flu _and being a bit suspicious in general I immediately wondered if that was a good thing (they’re looking for awesome peeps and JL likes me, she really likes me!) or not (nobody wants to do this damn job and JL recommended me because she hates me). I also wondered if she had told the peeps organising this thing that I might look (and act) like a 14 year old most of the time, but that I’m actually twice as old as the new students coming in this year.

Anyway, long (non)story short: I sent an email and they actually do want me there despite the fact that I’m ancient. Something about diversity and stuff. So I suppressed my thoughts that they couldn’t find anybody else and volunteered to show the new 1st year students around the buildings and such on the 28th of August. Which is in less than 2 weeks. *starts panicking about not having done ALL THE THINGS before the school year starts* 😉