LP’s excellent staycation – Day 60

by LP

So, that introduction thing. It went… well, I guess? The kids thought I was funny and one 22 year old guessed that I was… 22. Which is three years younger than how old peeps thought I was last year, which means that a) that Biafine stuff REALLY WORKS!1!eleventy! and b) the difference between 1 1/2 hours of sleep (at my own introduction last year) or 9 hours of sleep the night before is three whole years. It also means that I’m going to recommend the department to implement mandatory eye exams for all students, because I really, really do not look 22. Or 25 even. I really don’t.

Potential visual impairments aside, the group was really nice and asked questions about the program and potential difficulties they might encounter and nobody asked me where they could find beer, so I’m quite sure they’re going to do fine.

It was also great to have a chance to see/talk to my teachers from last year, especially since I’ll only see two of them again this semester. JL, who had recommended me for the job apparently, said she was sad that she didn’t get to teach me this semester, which made me go all gooey inside, because SRSLY HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!? I know. And yes, I know I sound like a 14 year old with a teacher crush and I don’t care. She really is the awesomest ever. *draws little hearts on her notebook with JL in them* 😉