The Sketchbook Project 2013

by LP

Last year I participated in The Sketchbook Project for the first time and wrote a couple of posts about the process. Despite claiming that I wasn’t going to use words, I did end up using quite a bit of them. While that did work out nicely in the end, I do want to break free(r) of my tendency to (over)explain my, well, everything really. That is why I decided to go for a photo log this year.

Photolog cover klein

As usual, I only started physically working on it 4 days before the deadline. I don’t know why I always take so much time to actually start doing things, but I’m quite sure somedoctor somewhere has thought of a nice name for it. Something like Exaggerated General Postponal Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EGPD-NOS).

For those thinking “Oh shut the f*ck up LP and stop making unfunny DSM-V “jokes”! We know your obsessive compulsive *ss took pictures of the process! Show us the pictures! Nao!” and for all the other people who enjoy looking at my pictures and reading the sometimes-even-funny capitons: here be pictures!