In happier news…

It’s been a while since my last post, which wasn’t a happy one. I wish I could say that that situation has been solved miraculously, but it hasn’t. My team of advisors (read: study advisor, therapist, and The Big Kahuna aka my mom) has explicitly forbidden me to think about it until the end of August, so let’s talk about happier things. Like Berkeley. Where I am right now.

On the 7th of July I moved into I-House (Hogwarts, anyone?) and on the 8th my classes started. I am taking a creative writing class in the English department. The class focusses on how to write a short, fictional story, which means that we don’t only read and analyse how a short story works, but we also get to write ourselves. The class has been split up into groups of 4, in which we discuss and critique (“workshop”) each other’s stories so that they can become the best stories they can be.

We have class three times a week for 2 hours, which isn’t that much, but in the six weeks that we have, we are expected to read a 213 page syllabus, write 4 short assignments, write, rewrite and re-rewrite a short short story (yes, this is correct!), write, rewrite and rerewrite a 10 page short story, AND read and critique all the work done by the other members of your workgroup, so they’re keeping us busy.

Actually, I have work due tomorrow and since I’ve up to now managed to do and hand in all my assignments on time and I really want to keep a good thing going, I’m going to leave you with a link to: pictures!