Poem & pictures

Since life is what passes me by while I’m both dying dying dying dying dying all the time (a.k.a. pneumonia is a b*tch, let alone recovering from it) and (against better judgement really) trying to continue my studies, I haven’t gotten around to writing, well, anything really.

But just when I thought all hope was lost and that I would never ever ever have anything to post here in the history of ever, a poetic miracle appeared in my spambox. According to the poetry (reading) class I’m taking at the moment, erasure poetry (try it yourself here!) and other types of poetry where one uses other people’s material is both super hip and very meta, so I’ve given this thing a title, added some capitals after the full stops and here we go:

Hollistercrombie spam, a poem

I has long been among the closing guys number that can hasn went right into a Hollister gather. Walking with the supermarket, I nigh on gone by it since beach resort shack store forced me to be guess that a nearby restaurant? Truly bikini website. This process much more of an event than the usual grocery game.

Another marvelous period of time constructed approach is most likely the eighties. This needs to be filled with arm warmers, fluorescent foundation and additionally many more hair style gelatinized. The twenties combined with thirties are also amazing nights to have, you may need amount material to be able to make a and this should include materials, tape-measure, twine, scissers, sewing machine and thus wellbeing hooks. It’s easy to embark on choosing the toga when you experience these kinds of matters on hand. The initial thing you will want to do when learning the steps to creating a a mans toga is to find the appropriate compound you have to use with almost anyone preferring bed linens.

Unaggressive music cancelling earphones maintain the idea connected muffling the outside ease or sound disturbance the which has shown music or oral communication. It together with the Abercrombie Zürich just about all what this tenor premier fineness plus the dynamical on rhyme nursery that when that you’ll be music playing song but it would probably proffer you you the in the region of absolutely everyone implausible structure take a trip enclosed by the event or for everybody who is relaxing the the outdoors while in the launch morning supplement event. Dre headphones.

If you are at Abercrombie and as well as Fitch, pouring down rain artist can supply you hundreds of series produced by completely. You can come up in accordance with the personality, colours, pattern, to device that you want. Anytime you go with this mark, you’re promised with privacy and thus awesome taste.

Vedette produces a top shelf data compresion Corselette frame Shaper develop your family midsection lookup micro and to provide abdominal dominate and relieve love handles, typically the Vedette Corselette is defined as a high waisted girdle marketing sound compression and moreover companie take care of entirely the places you want it so you get a smooth shapely figure. You can wear most of the corselette by means of pant two-piece suits, wedding gowns or just relaxed special sets apart those that aren a dress princess.

And because I can’t handle being nor this pomo, nor this hip, here are parts of the costume I was going to wear at a writerly group Halloween party, before I fell asleep at 15:00 and only woke up when the party was almost half way over. Can you guess what I was going to be? Correct guesses 10 points, half correct guesses 5 and the creative answers get 20 points:

Halloween 2013 (didn't happen)

Oh, the nail polish is Barry M 352 Pink Sapphire (two coats), topped off with Essence Glow in the Night topcoat 18 Fly Firefly Fly (two coats) and then another coat of Barry M. I was unable to get a picture of the glowing in action, so you’ll all have to just take my word for it.