A survey! For actual trufax science!

by LP

Dear YourfriendLP-readers,

As you all know, I am a student of English Language and Culture, which basically means that we do (a tiny amount of) language, literature and linguistics. I now have to do research for one of my linguistics classes, so I have created a survey. I am looking for 20 participants, 10 with Dutch as their first (/native/L1) language and 10 with English as their first language.

The survey contains 64 – 67 questions (depending on your first language). This seems like a lot, but The Big Kahuna (= my mom) managed to get trough them in 6 minutes, which means that it will take other people between 12 – 15 minutes, because TBK does everything twice as fast as, well, everybody else in the world.

If you’re now going “AWESOME! I LOOOVE SURVEYS!” or “Sure, I’ll do it, so that you’ll finally finish your studies and stop being such a curmudgeon bitter bitch”, you can get to the survey by clicking here:

To the survey!

(ETA 17 January 2014: I got all the data I needed, so the survey is now closed)