The Sketchbook Project 2014

by LP

This time, I started really early: since gluing stuff onto other stuff using mod podge doesn’t require thinking skills, I managed to do the backgrounds sometime in October, when I was stuck at home with pneumonia. Since remembering to take pictures apparently does require brain activity, I didn’t take any pictures during my epic glue-a-thon. I forgot.

Fast forward to a week and a half ago: after having thought about what I wanted to do and drawing a terrifying blank for months, I was ready to give up on the whole thing. Since that would be 1) a shitty beginning of the new year and 2) a waste of all my fancy backgrounds, I worked my magic (read: I honestly have no clue what I did) and voilà: A Concept.

I decided to go for a selection of pictures taken in 2013, subdivided in 5 categories: adventures, animals, Clark Cat, street art, and pics because it happened. It took quite a while to narrow the themes and the pictures down, but once I did, I had a clear vision of what the book was going to look like. For some reason, a couple of the pictures were printed not quite as I had wanted them (edges were cut off), but since I had zero time to figure out why that was and/or get them reprinted, I went with my new mantra, which is “done is better than perfect”. Also, I figured that I know what the pictures are supposed to look like, other people don’t.

After pasting all the photo’s onto the pages, I wrote descriptions that I printed out. I then realised that I had NO CLUE where I’d left my special crafting cutting boards, since I’d put them away sometime in October, while having a fever. So, keeping with the “done is better than perfect” theme, I just grabbed one of the cutting boards from my kitchen and cut everything into shape freehand.

When everything was done, I first scanned all the pages, then took pictures of all the pages and only then bound the whole thing together. It turned out extremely thick and unfortunately also quite fragile: had I had more time, I would have figured out a way to actually rebind the whole thing with a back and such. Now I just stuffed it into an envelope, ran to the supermarket to post it and hoped for the best.

The sketchbook has already arrived in Brooklyn (in less than a week!) and will be scanned, I will of course post a link as soon as one is available. For now, a photo set of the process containing a sneak peek can be found here: click!