by LP

This post was ready for posting last Sunday, but my internet connection has decided to bork on me for Reasons Unknown. These Reasons Unknown are apparently making it quite hard to fix, since it’s Wednesday now and I’m still disconnected, so I’m now posting this from a communal computer in the cheeriest building of them all, the PC Hoofthuis.

On Thursdays I have a linguistics class at 09:00 in the morning. I would like to have a word with the person who made that schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I DO enjoy the class (quite a lot even), but I do think that conversations about attachment ambiguities, constituent ordering and dative alternations should not take place before 11 am.

Looking at the tired faces of my fellow students, it seems that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Our teacher sometimes gets a bit desperate, being unsure if we’re just silently absorbing knowledge, if we just don’t have a single clue what he’s talking about, or if we’re bored to death. I try to let him know that, yes, I do understand, but it’s just too early for me to form any (let alone original) thought right now, by nodding encouragingly. Which probably makes me look, well, not so smart. I just hope he appreciates my effort. Suggestions for a different approach are welcome, as I can’t think of any except for thumbs-upping him, which would be highly inappropriate.

But anyway. It was early and we were all staring blankly at the teacher who was trying to explain why subordinate clauses exist. At some point he said “There is no single word to describe ‘all things <his name> likes’”, which was supposed to prove his point. And of all the wonderfully brilliant things I could have thought at that moment, the thing that popped up was “But wait! There IS a single word that describes everything I like: catvocado”.

After which I had to fake-cough to conceal the fact that I was laughing. Because while I thought (and still do think, actually) that that was both the most genius and most hilarious thing I have EVER come up with in class, especially at 10:23, I did have the presence of mind to realise that I was probably the only one to think so.

So instead of saying it out loud and watch the whole class including the teacher stare at me like I’m batshit, I’m just posting it here in hopes that there’s someone out there who can appreciate it too. *mumbles “Catvocado! Brilliant!” and wanders off to her writing class*