The Sketchbook Project 2014 updates

by LP

Last Friday was the opening night of The Sketchbook Project 2014. I would have loved to be there, but while Breukelen might be semi next door to where I am (32 minutes by train, to be precise), Brooklyn is not, so I had to live vicariously through the photos posted. I was very exited to receive a notification telling me that somebody had checked out my sketchbook on the night itself. I take it as a sign that my book’s tour is off to a good start!

For those of you who do not live anywhere close to the tour stops, it is now also viewable online, either by going to the search page and entering ‘LogPoes’ or directly by clicking this link.

Today I also got an email telling me that the sign up for The Sketchbook 2015 has started (no, that is not a sponsored link), I for one am looking forward to doing the project again next year (well, technically it’s this year, but for next year), especially now that my craft supplies are all organised ‘n sh*t. Oh, and in case you’re new here and going “Que?” and/or if you want to read more on The Sketchbook Project, here is an article that explains a bit of the Why and the How.