Cleaning out my closet (literally) – part 2: The Make Up Stash

by LP

Way back in the days of Ye Olde Livejournal, someperson had an avatar a userpicture that said “a clean house is a sign of a broken computer” and it’s true. So a couple of weeks ago, during the second bout of No Internet to be precise, I decided to clean out my ri-di-cu-lous make up stash. Of course I took before and after pictures.

Let’s start with the before one (all pictures can be embiggened by clicking on them:

Bathroom before

Yup, everything on the left side and in the sink is make up. I know that it is an absurd amount of make up, especially for someone who nowadays mostly doesn’t even wear make up during the day (I did do my make up every day when I still worked). And while 99% of it is not of high end brands and 80% of the rest was bought on sale/at a discount, I am aware that all together, it still adds up to a significant amount of money… Hi! I’m LP, and my make up buying behaviours are on the addictive side. But considering my current stress levels and the fact that, of all the coping mechanisms I had/have in my life, this is the least toxic one, I have decided to just keep it “issue status: acknowledged” for now.

With my issues acknowledged and on full display, it’s time for the after picture:

Bathroom after overview

Pretty, right? 🙂 I feel like there is a joke in here somewhere about being ready for my close up now, with everything being organised and a couple of close(r) up pictures following, but I can’t find it. These are the top and middle shelves on the left:

Bathroom after Make up 1 + 2

This is the bottom shelf and the plant pot thingie I use for my brushes:

Bathroom after Make up 3  + brushes

I didn’t take close up pictures of the things on the right, because it’s hair stuff, face creams and tooth stuff, basically. If you are curious about any of the things, either on the left or the right, just ask me in the comments and I’ll gladly let you know what is what. The plastic containers I used are from my favorite store in the world, the HEMA. They are however not entirely truthful in their description of stuff that fits, as demonstrated in this side by side comparison:

Bathroom Hema not entirely truthful

The Q-tips, the nail polish and the lipstick are identical to the ones on the leaflet, so the whole “well, you didn’t use HEMA products, no wonder they don’t fit”-argument is invalid. But yeah, my make up. All organised. F*ckyeah!