University update, photography exhibition awesomeness and a Clark Kat video

by LP

Last Wednesday I had the last “regular” classes of this year, and it’s taken me until today to force myself to sit down and finally write a blog post. Mostly because I was too busy doing absolutely nothing (ok, watching Miles Jai videos, because he’s pretty much the best thing ever and he’s from the ‘Poc) and stressing myself out, since in the next 4 weeks I will have to:

  • Write a 1000 word review;
  • Write a 1500 word essay;
  • Write a 1800 word essay;
  • Write a 2500 word essay;
  • Write a 2 hour exam for 1 class;
  • Write a 2 hour exam for another class;
  • Write a 2 hour exam for yet another class;
  • Write a 2 hour exam for yet yet another class;
  • Read Great Expectations again;
  • Prepare a presentation on Great Expectations;
  • Give said presentation on Great Expectations;
  • Stay healthy-ish;
  • Stay sane.

Oh, and I think I also have some classes somewhere in the next month, but I’m still waiting on this info. The panic is slowly but surely building up and honestly, I would be VERY surprised if I managed to do all (any?) of it, but whine whine complain complain shutting up because I could be working in a coal mine and that would be The Worst (because underground, mostly, but also because dust). Yup, sometimes I just need to be tough on myself and Get Sh*t Done.

Away from the whining and on to the awesome! Last Sunday, a couple of my pictures were part of the end of course art exhibition at CREA. For those curious as to what the exposition looked like, here’s a short video. My pictures are the second thing you see:

They are very colourful and very different from anything else I’ve ever done, so I’m still a bit ambivalent about them and their place in my ~personal mythology~. I’m the specialest of special snowflakes, yes I am.

To not make this post ridiculously long and over-info’ed, I’ll post a work in progress picture post of how I made my pictures look exposition ready. And just because I never know how to end blog posts and everybody loves cat videos, have a video of Clark (my cat) eating snacks: