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Month: June, 2014

Summer’s here!

Yup, I’m back! Five days later than I promised I would be, which is completely in line with how this entire academic year has been: things took more time than they should have, but they got done eventually. Also, leaving for London within less than 24 hours after finishing my last presentation of the year and thinking I would be able to not only sleep, pack and also update all of my internet presences turned out to be, well, quite unrealistic. So getting to London happened, the updating did not.

Anyway, my academic year is done, I am of course still waiting for results to be finalized, but I am done. Later this week, I will be writing an “How This Year Was”-post, and I am quite curious as to what my own conclusion will be. So that will be happening. What will also be happening, is Summer Bloggin’. Two years ago, I did LP’s Excellent Staycation 2012 and quite liked it as a way of keeping track of my progress, so will be doing something similar this year. Since I will be travelling tomorrow (I am still in London right now), I will start on the 2 July, not the first. See? I am learning!

Another thing I will be starting on the 2nd, is Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m hoping to generate enough material for the two zines that follow The Summer, so I’ll be able to finish up this trilogy. There are also still some other, shorter, zine projects that need finishing up, so I’m hoping to get to that too.

And because I am apparently unable to Not Do Anything, apart from doing some study related stuff for the next academic year, I’m also going to work on my Sketchbook Project 2015. I’m really hoping that this year I won’t have to finish it in a rush in January as usual. Oh, and I’m also doing two week long CREA courses, because if I don’t leave the house once in a while, I will end up not wanting to leave my house EVER AGAIN, and that’s just unpractical, if not unhealthy.

So yeah, while that might sound like a huge to do list waiting to be tackled, I’m actually looking forward to doing all this. I’ve sort of resigned myself that during the academic year, I just don’t have time to do many of the things I enjoy doing and I’m glad to have two months to do ALL OF THE THINGS I enjoy. *goes to pack her suitcase*


Glueing stuff onto other stuff (a semi-‘how to’)

As promised, pictures of the “pasting pictures on board”-thing. When I found out that I’d have the chance to put some of my pictures up during the CREA exhibition, I figured it would be cool to have them mounted onto board, so I checked out the prices. At around 13 euros per 20 x 30 photo, times 6, this turned out to be a bit… above budget, let’s say.

So I decided to visit my dear friends at Vlieger Papier to see if there was a way of doing it myself. And there was! For 8 euro 40, I got two 50 x 70 boards, which is enough for 8 photos. I then got my pictures printed at Fotostudio Heno, they were around 4 euros a piece and done in 20 minutes, which, considering that I was semi-late as usual, was excellent. And no, neither store is paying me to say this. Or paying me at all, really. 😀

On to the pictures!

Pictures on board

From left to right, top to bottom: thinking I would buy small A4 sized boards, I went to Vlieger right before class. Which resulted in me going to class carrying this huge package; the two boards looking all pretty; the pictures; doing a layout.

Pictures on board 2

Right to left: I then cut the boards into 4 more manageable pieces and glued the photos onto them with regular ol’ photo glue (no mod podge!); once semi-dry (I was in a hurry) I cut the boards to exact size.

Pictures on board done!

An hour and a severely cramping wrist later, they were done.

Pictures on the wall


And this is what they looked like at the exhibit. Pretty fancy, right?


Public Service Announcement: As you might know, I am trying to finish up a ridiculous amount of study related work. And since despite being 38, I am still a procrastinating teenager at heart AND in practice, I have decided to go all mom on myself and unplug from the internet until the 25th of June. *BRB inching towards my degree*