Glueing stuff onto other stuff (a semi-‘how to’)

by LP

As promised, pictures of the “pasting pictures on board”-thing. When I found out that I’d have the chance to put some of my pictures up during the CREA exhibition, I figured it would be cool to have them mounted onto board, so I checked out the prices. At around 13 euros per 20 x 30 photo, times 6, this turned out to be a bit… above budget, let’s say.

So I decided to visit my dear friends at Vlieger Papier to see if there was a way of doing it myself. And there was! For 8 euro 40, I got two 50 x 70 boards, which is enough for 8 photos. I then got my pictures printed at Fotostudio Heno, they were around 4 euros a piece and done in 20 minutes, which, considering that I was semi-late as usual, was excellent. And no, neither store is paying me to say this. Or paying me at all, really. 😀

On to the pictures!

Pictures on board

From left to right, top to bottom: thinking I would buy small A4 sized boards, I went to Vlieger right before class. Which resulted in me going to class carrying this huge package; the two boards looking all pretty; the pictures; doing a layout.

Pictures on board 2

Right to left: I then cut the boards into 4 more manageable pieces and glued the photos onto them with regular ol’ photo glue (no mod podge!); once semi-dry (I was in a hurry) I cut the boards to exact size.

Pictures on board done!

An hour and a severely cramping wrist later, they were done.

Pictures on the wall


And this is what they looked like at the exhibit. Pretty fancy, right?


Public Service Announcement: As you might know, I am trying to finish up a ridiculous amount of study related work. And since despite being 38, I am still a procrastinating teenager at heart AND in practice, I have decided to go all mom on myself and unplug from the internet until the 25th of June. *BRB inching towards my degree*