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Month: July, 2014

Summer Bloggin’ Day 30: Camp NaNo = done & a poll!

Camp NaNoWriMo is DONE! Here’s my winner badge:


Fancy right?

In a week or two I’ll hopefully have found the courage to go through all 20.216 words and see if there’s anything useful and/or salvageable. With Camp NaNoWriMo out of the way, I will have to start with the “chucking out sh*t” part of my summer to do list, something I’m not looking forward to because Where To Begin. Since everybody loves a poll (I know I do), let’s have a poll:

Thank you for voting and making my life a lot easier. I will now go back to watching some more episodes of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.


Summer Bloggin’ Day 28: Almost done. Almost.

Today will be the day I finish Camp NaNoWriMo. I had set my final word count at 20,000, and here’s proof that I’m almost there:


On a side note: it is unclear to me why Word claims it to be in Dutch, since it isn’t, but oh well.

As usual, I am more than Over It by now, although I seem to have found some steam now that I’m listening to Wham! and writing about Christopher Bowman. Yes, the figure skater. As I go back to writing, have a video of him making it look easy for the people:

And a video of him skating to one of my favorite songs in the world:

Summer Bloggin’ Day 26: Link roundup & amazing shoes


So, things did not go smoothly with posting in the last week, some of it were technical difficulties, but most of them were “I’ll do it tomorrow when it’s cooler and I feel less tired”-type difficulties. Anyway, all has been fixed now, and here’s a short list of Things Now Finally Posted That You Don’t Want To Miss:

And to make this post more than just a recap, have a collage of my new shoes:

Aurora collage

Their official name is “Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes VW Lady Dragon Aurora Pink Bow”, which is even longer than MY actual trufax IRL name, which is quite a feat. I’ve wanted them for a very, very long time, and finally the combination of “huge discount” + “treat yo self” + “yolo” made this purchase possible. They are even more awesome IRL and I am very, very happy to finally have them.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 24: On heat waves and spring rolls

Although I know it’s only been 2 weeks of annoyingly hot weather, I keep whining that “It’s the 8th week of this heat wave and it needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!” This tactic has, as expected, not been very succesful, but I keep hoping that at one point it will be.

Despite my airco blasting and my electricity bill probably going through the roof, it is never colder than 24 degrees (75.2 in Fahrenheit) in my living room. My kitchen is attached to said living room, which is why I try to not prepare meals that need extensive cooking. But after weeks of salads, salads and yet more salads, I, the vegetable FIEND, found myself getting a bit bored of salads.

Thankfully, I re-discovered a recipe/tutorial for spring rolls (here is one in English) that I had saved in my Getpocket (I swear they’re not sponsoring me, I just LOVE them) and OMG! Awesomeness! Now I only want to eat spring rolls for the rest of my life. Because I’m obsessive like that. *noms spring roll*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 22: Same song (about my imaginary solo album)

Me “working” on my solo album is one of the longest running running jokes in my life. Yeah, that sentence was a trip. Much like the idea of me working on a solo album, because the only instrument I sorta kinda know how to play at a beginner’s level is bass and I haven’t touched the thing in three years, so you get the visual.

But sometimes I just enjoy suspending reality and imagining what my imaginary solo album would sound like. Through the years this has of course changed a lot. Brilliant ideas I’ve had include a rap album from the point of view of a cat and Britney Spears songs sang as if you were a goat. Especially the last one is fun to try, you’ll notice that there’s hardly any difference.

More serious concepts were “Songs everybody think are romantic, but actually aren’t”, which would of course have included this ~love song~ (it’s actually about stalkery obsession) and this this “first dance at weddings”-staple (which actually deals with the feelings of a jilted groupie).

The following three songs have been in my “solo album track list” document for a while

but I had quite a bit of difficulty finding a common theme. And then I listened to them back to back and realised that sound/mood-wise, they’re basically the same song. From the floaty keyboards to the Pro Tools plugin that is most likely called “Le Intense Echo Chamber”: same song.

With the concept of the album figured out, all I need is some extra identical tracks and a title, and I’m ready to go! *yells “Pop stardom! Here I come!”* 😉

Summer Bloggin’ Day 20: When I grow up

While trying to select-and-throw-out my way through my Getpocket (aka The Awesomeness Formerly and More Fittingly Known as Readitlater) I finally recovered not one but two articles on artist Cathy Cooper a.k.a Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up Because She’s Awesome.

Actually, I wish I was as awesome as she is right now, but I’m realistic enough to know that I still have some evolving-towards-awesomeness to do. *goes back to work*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 18: Camp NaNoWriMo update

After 2 1/2 weeks of writing, I am now at 14,889 words. My final word count goal being 20,000, I hope to be done sometime next week. I haven’t re-read any of what I’ve written, so it could very well be that I’ll end up with 20,000 words of basically the same, written down shoddily, but that’s too demoralising to think about right now, so I won’t.

Especially since I still haven’t made up my mind about Zine #2 and if I want to publish it or not. And on top of that, I am also quite unsure if The Berk is going to be at all interesting to anyone who isn’t me. Writing, as most things in life really, seems a lot more fun to other writerly people than it is to me. And it’s not that I’m some ~severely tortured soul~ type writer, but it seems to come a lot easier to most than it (usually) does to me. I guess I really am more of an editor than a writer, really. Or maybe I just buy too much into the “make it look easier for the people”-thing other people are projecting, I don’t know.

So, the question of the day: if you’re a writerly person (aka somebody who writes), is writing something that comes easy to you, or not at all, or sometimes, or something in between?

Summer Bloggin’ Day 16: Le Tired (and a link to London photos)

Today I was feeling Le Tired and then started thinking about where I picked that (by now probably quite annoying) “Le [foo]” habit up, so I asked my dear friend the Googelie and was re-introduced to this glorious piece of internet history:


Curious as always, I checked to see when this was first unleashed uploaded onto the internet. I guessed it was around 2008 or so… IT WAS IN 2003!!! I now feel Le old.

For those going “London pictures!? Where?”: here. I’ve added descriptions and more info to each and every one of them, please make sure to read those also, because without them things might not make much sense. And also a bit because it took me about 4 hours to write them. And if that is not incentive enough, there’s a squirrel picture in there somewhere.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 14: On Zines

July is, as always, International Zine Month, which has an awesome calendar with things to do for each day. One day, I will do all the things on that list, but not this year: I am prioritising actually WRITING a zine (or two). It’s been so long since my last zine that I almost feel like I can’t claim being a zinester anymore.

Things I will be doing is catch up on the zine world: I am also completely out of the loop regarding zines that have come out and/or that are a must read, even from my favorite zinesters. I will also be going through my zine collection and see if there are zines I am ready to part with, and find a new home for them. It just feels like a waste to have zines locked up in a box where they could be in a zine library somewhere, being read and enjoyed by many. And it’s of course also part of my ongoing sepsis attempt to downside my belongings to half a shipping container. Yes, including furniture. Which is still quite an amount of stuff for one person and a cat, really.

I have also been thinking a lot about my ~future~ as a zine maker. Between me being a total disaster at self promotion/networking, there not being much of a zine community in The Netherlands and both printing and postage costs rising significantly, I’m not sure how long it will make sense for me to have printed copies of my zines available. While it does break my heart a little as one of the main reasons I love zines is the tangibility of it, I do write zines because I want them to be read: having boxes of my unsold/untraded zines gathering dust on top of my drawer is completely useless. Just putting them online as a pdf on Issuu would be easier and cheaper, but still, I’m conflicted. Any thoughts/ideas are, as always, welcome.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 12: Cat Framing

Since I was too tired to do anything that needed creativity or heavy thinking, I decided that today would be the day on which I would finally frame the Deth P. Sun print I got… a year and a half ago. Yes, I had to check my own tumblr for that.

Me not framing it up to now was not a case of The Lazy and The Overwhelm, but a case of Finding a Frame: if you thought the whole US vs Other Places paper issues were complex, the sizing of picture frames makes no sense at all. On someblog somewhere I saw that Flying Tiger was selling LP record frames and, well, got one.

I of course also dropped by my friends at Vlieger Papier (who, like Flying Tiger, are still not sponsoring me) for a nice background, which is what you can see in the first picture on the top left:

Cat framing

On the top right you can see the LP record frame, on the bottom left you can see my very sophisticated way of measuring everything out and on the bottom right you see the end result. Sometime this summer I will be redoing my walls, pictures of what will probably end up being a complete wall of cat (related) art will of course be posted!