Summer Bloggin’ Day 10: Witchy Magic

by LP

Yesterday, after my silkscreen course, I decided to go for a veggieburger at the burgerplace. Since I was the only person there and they only have gigantic, 10 person booths, I took up an entire booth all by myself. At some point it got busier and a young couple asked if they could sit with me and I went “Of course!” because of course.

We got into a conversation and it turned out that they were visiting from Belarus. They had just gotten here from Vilnius, where it had been 31 degrees Celsius (that’s around 88 in Fahrenheit), and here it was around 17 (63F) and dreary, so they were cold and a bit disappointed. We talked for a while and when I left, I told them not to worry about the weather, as I would do my magic anti-rain, pro-sun dance later that evening, especially for them. No guarantee of course, but I would do my best. I was, of course, joking.

Today it was 27 degrees (80F) and very, very muggy. I think it’s time I start taking my magical witchy powers a bit more seriously… *wheezes and goes off to find an inhaler*