Summer Bloggin’ Day 12: Cat Framing

by LP

Since I was too tired to do anything that needed creativity or heavy thinking, I decided that today would be the day on which I would finally frame the Deth P. Sun print I got… a year and a half ago. Yes, I had to check my own tumblr for that.

Me not framing it up to now was not a case of The Lazy and The Overwhelm, but a case of Finding a Frame: if you thought the whole US vs Other Places paper issues were complex, the sizing of picture frames makes no sense at all. On someblog somewhere I saw that Flying Tiger was selling LP record frames and, well, got one.

I of course also dropped by my friends at Vlieger Papier (who, like Flying Tiger, are still not sponsoring me) for a nice background, which is what you can see in the first picture on the top left:

Cat framing

On the top right you can see the LP record frame, on the bottom left you can see my very sophisticated way of measuring everything out and on the bottom right you see the end result. Sometime this summer I will be redoing my walls, pictures of what will probably end up being a complete wall of cat (related) art will of course be posted!