Summer Bloggin’ Day 14: On Zines

by LP

July is, as always, International Zine Month, which has an awesome calendar with things to do for each day. One day, I will do all the things on that list, but not this year: I am prioritising actually WRITING a zine (or two). It’s been so long since my last zine that I almost feel like I can’t claim being a zinester anymore.

Things I will be doing is catch up on the zine world: I am also completely out of the loop regarding zines that have come out and/or that are a must read, even from my favorite zinesters. I will also be going through my zine collection and see if there are zines I am ready to part with, and find a new home for them. It just feels like a waste to have zines locked up in a box where they could be in a zine library somewhere, being read and enjoyed by many. And it’s of course also part of my ongoing sepsis attempt to downside my belongings to half a shipping container. Yes, including furniture. Which is still quite an amount of stuff for one person and a cat, really.

I have also been thinking a lot about my ~future~ as a zine maker. Between me being a total disaster at self promotion/networking, there not being much of a zine community in The Netherlands and both printing and postage costs rising significantly, I’m not sure how long it will make sense for me to have printed copies of my zines available. While it does break my heart a little as one of the main reasons I love zines is the tangibility of it, I do write zines because I want them to be read: having boxes of my unsold/untraded zines gathering dust on top of my drawer is completely useless. Just putting them online as a pdf on Issuu would be easier and cheaper, but still, I’m conflicted. Any thoughts/ideas are, as always, welcome.