Summer Bloggin’ Day 16: Le Tired (and a link to London photos)

by LP

Today I was feeling Le Tired and then started thinking about where I picked that (by now probably quite annoying) “Le [foo]” habit up, so I asked my dear friend the Googelie and was re-introduced to this glorious piece of internet history:


Curious as always, I checked to see when this was first unleashed uploaded onto the internet. I guessed it was around 2008 or so… IT WAS IN 2003!!! I now feel Le old.

For those going “London pictures!? Where?”: here. I’ve added descriptions and more info to each and every one of them, please make sure to read those also, because without them things might not make much sense. And also a bit because it took me about 4 hours to write them. And if that is not incentive enough, there’s a squirrel picture in there somewhere.