Summer Bloggin’ Day 22: Same song (about my imaginary solo album)

by LP

Me “working” on my solo album is one of the longest running running jokes in my life. Yeah, that sentence was a trip. Much like the idea of me working on a solo album, because the only instrument I sorta kinda know how to play at a beginner’s level is bass and I haven’t touched the thing in three years, so you get the visual.

But sometimes I just enjoy suspending reality and imagining what my imaginary solo album would sound like. Through the years this has of course changed a lot. Brilliant ideas I’ve had include a rap album from the point of view of a cat and Britney Spears songs sang as if you were a goat. Especially the last one is fun to try, you’ll notice that there’s hardly any difference.

More serious concepts were “Songs everybody think are romantic, but actually aren’t”, which would of course have included this ~love song~ (it’s actually about stalkery obsession) and this this “first dance at weddings”-staple (which actually deals with the feelings of a jilted groupie).

The following three songs have been in my “solo album track list” document for a while

but I had quite a bit of difficulty finding a common theme. And then I listened to them back to back and realised that sound/mood-wise, they’re basically the same song. From the floaty keyboards to the Pro Tools plugin that is most likely called “Le Intense Echo Chamber”: same song.

With the concept of the album figured out, all I need is some extra identical tracks and a title, and I’m ready to go! *yells “Pop stardom! Here I come!”* 😉