Summer Bloggin’ Day 24: On heat waves and spring rolls

by LP

Although I know it’s only been 2 weeks of annoyingly hot weather, I keep whining that “It’s the 8th week of this heat wave and it needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!” This tactic has, as expected, not been very succesful, but I keep hoping that at one point it will be.

Despite my airco blasting and my electricity bill probably going through the roof, it is never colder than 24 degrees (75.2 in Fahrenheit) in my living room. My kitchen is attached to said living room, which is why I try to not prepare meals that need extensive cooking. But after weeks of salads, salads and yet more salads, I, the vegetable FIEND, found myself getting a bit bored of salads.

Thankfully, I re-discovered a recipe/tutorial for spring rolls (here is one in English) that I had saved in my Getpocket (I swear they’re not sponsoring me, I just LOVE them) and OMG! Awesomeness! Now I only want to eat spring rolls for the rest of my life. Because I’m obsessive like that. *noms spring roll*