Summer Bloggin’ Day 26: Link roundup & amazing shoes

by LP


So, things did not go smoothly with posting in the last week, some of it were technical difficulties, but most of them were “I’ll do it tomorrow when it’s cooler and I feel less tired”-type difficulties. Anyway, all has been fixed now, and here’s a short list of Things Now Finally Posted That You Don’t Want To Miss:

And to make this post more than just a recap, have a collage of my new shoes:

Aurora collage

Their official name is “Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes VW Lady Dragon Aurora Pink Bow”, which is even longer than MY actual trufax IRL name, which is quite a feat. I’ve wanted them for a very, very long time, and finally the combination of “huge discount” + “treat yo self” + “yolo” made this purchase possible. They are even more awesome IRL and I am very, very happy to finally have them.