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Month: August, 2014

Summer Bloggin’ Day 62: End of summer

Although I have already started preparing stuff in the last week, from tomorrow on, my holiday will be officially over and things will probably be back to Hectic within no time. On a positive note: this is the first semester in the history of my academic life EVER where I don’t need to go on a quest to find my books because they’re missing and/or on back order, so that’s a plus!

And while immediate extreme tiredness set in upon reading the course descriptions and all the Mario-style feats I have to perform to get to a grade at some point (gamification might be a trend, but it’s not for me), I am ready for my final year to start. Mostly because the end of my studies is FINALLY in sight and I can’t wait for it all to be over and done with, so I can move on and do something else with my life. Not that I have any definite plans of what that “something else” will be, but I still have about a year and half to think of something.

I am also hoping to be able to finish up the last few projects belonging to this particular period during that time. Going through my laptop and old papers I’ve found yet more material for the zines I still want to write, so all I need to do is rewrite and lay things out. Which is still a heap of work. The Sketchbook Project 2015 and my studies absolutely need to get done this year, the rest can be done later. Though I REALLY would like to get all of these things done sooner rather than later, because they’re There, weighing on me like a ton of bricks, and I can’t start up anything new until they’re done. Well, I could, but that would only make my to do list longer, which would be counterproductive to anything ever.

With the year starting, I will also start with a posting schedule. Posting “when I have time/feel like it/have something to say” adds more stress, because I’m constantly thinking “I haven’t posted in too long/I should be posting/Why am I not posting” etcetera. So once a week, on Sunday, a post will appear here on YourfriendLP. Tumblr will be updated in queued batches when there’s material to be queued, Pinterest will be updated depending on the amount of stress (I use it like other people play Patience) and from 1 September on, I’m giving Instagram a go. Depending on how it goes, things might get tweaked at some point, but for now this makes sense.

Thank you all for following my Summer Bloggin’ 2014 series and I’ll hopefully see you next Sunday!


Summer Bloggin’ Day 60: Tiny pictures!

This year, I’ve decided to customise my planner. This as a part of my ongoing effort to be less of a bitter bitch when it comes to my studies, which has been reasonably successful.

I saw that HEMA had an option to print small pictures of 10×10 cm (3,9 inch by 3,9 inch), so I selected 30 pictures from my archives and sent them off. This week I picked them up and it turned out that I had misread or misordered: they were 5×5 cm (1,9 inch by 1,9 inch) instead! Which wasn’t a problem at all, because they are supercute:

HEMA pictures

*continues to glue them into planner*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 58: Clark in motion

Since the most important thing on the internet are cats and gifs, have a cat gif of Clark in his new cat bed:

Clark sleepy.gif

Summer Bloggin’ Day 56: Yoh-guh

Peeps, it’s finally happened! After years of joking that me and my neurotic behind should go to yoga class, I FINALLY signed up for remedial yoga last week. Today was my first session, and despite being Le Nervous and convinced that my ancient cadaver would not be up for it, things went actually quite okay! Apparently the miraculous thing called muscle memory still works after a very long retirement. The more you know!

But all jokes and exclamation points aside, I was really relieved that I am apparently not in as bad of a shape as I feel I am. But then again, I tend to compare my strength and stamina to how it used to be when I was still a figure skater and a ballerina, and not to a “regular” 38 year old person, let alone to that of a 38 year old person who’s chronically ill and has been under pretty much chronic severe stress for the last 3+ years.

I am hoping to be able to not only gain some of my strength back physically and to reduce my spine curvature related issues, but to also reduce some of that chronic severe stress. Because stress of course also weakens my immune system, which is quite shoddy to begin with, which leads to illness, which leads to having to catch up with my studies, which leads to stress, etcetera, etcetera, you get the picture.

The instructor was quite enthusiastic and was convinced that these were feasible goals, which is very reassuring. Starting next week, I’ll be taking one remedial class a week to begin with, because starting off slow and not overexerting myself is also a thing I need to learn. I’m really looking forward to it. *stretches*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 54: Huevos rancheros

Getting (tex) mex food here in the Netherlands is a bit of an ordeal: when you order ‘nachos’, there’s a 99,9% chance you get the chips and only the chips. When you then ask where the rest of your nachos are, they will give you a puzzled look, point at your tortilla chips and say “Well, there they are!” The fact that ‘nachos‘ is a dish consisting of said tortilla chips and a whole load of other stuff on top of it got lost in translation somewhere. 😀

Fortunately, things are slowly but surely changing. Last week I had a great burrito bowl with actually spicy smokey pinaple chipotle and yesterday I got myself some huevos rancheros that looked SO nommy that I took a picture:

Huevos rancheros

Yes, with my phone.

I am hoping that this trend will keep on, so that I’ll soon be able to also have tamales and horchata, because yum. *does some witchy magic to make it happen*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 52: An EXCELLENT day

Today was such an excellent day that I need to record it here, if only for me to read back at some point:

I woke up before the alarm, after a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep. This is not a regular occurrence unfortunately, so I was STOKED! When I opened my email, I saw this:

3 years

and went “Congrats!” out loud, which, I admit, is a bit strange.

I also saw that the university peeps I’d emailed with important questions and such, emailed me back, solving all my issues. A bit later, I got an email telling me that my Spiralizer, which I was only expecting in a week or two, was going to be delivered that afternoon.

My phone rang, and it was someone from the yoga place I emailed three days ago (“so sorry for making you wait, holiday season”), who booked my appointment for rehab classes. Realising that this had to be my lucky day, I went to check out if my bicycle was still in the bicycle shed after 5 years of non-usage (long sad story) AND IT WAS! It does need a good cleaning and a revision, but the bike is still there. What a relief.

I then almost danced my way to the pharmacy to pick up my semi-annual drug haul, and it was 1) all the right drugs in 2) all the right dosages and 3) in the right amounts. FYI: this never happens. I even got the right aerochamber, which is always a struggle because everybody thinks that because it has a face mask it’s a kids thing. It’s not. And even if it was, I want this one and not any of the other contraptions. And no, not just because I have a color coordinated travel pouch for it. Though that travel pouch IS cute.

Anyway, me and my quite literal bag o’ drugs (health insurance FTW!) went back home again and guess who came by? The postman! He was in a great mood (again, this never happens) and came with a suprise: not only do I now have a spiralizer, I also FINALLY got the Margiela x HM Candy Clutch that I’ve been trying to get for, oh, the last two years? This did not happen by witchy magic by the way, I did purchase it from someone who didn’t want it, but I wasn’t expecting it to arrive today. Or ever, to be quite honest, because “purchase from semi-anonymous private person over the internet” and “price too good to be true”. But there’s good people in the world, so it’s here and it’s real and I’m so happy and I’m going to be That Person and wear it with The Dress. And maybe even The Shoes, like the fashion victim I am.

At some point I had to go to the supermarket, if only because it was about to close. While looking for gluten free bread, I saw that there was none. Actually, the whole gluten free ‘section’ (two tiers, 10 products) had disappeared. Since I was still all stoked and kinda hyper from all the amazingness that had happened, I wasn’t even bummed. But then one of the guys working there went: “Madam, the gluten free stuff is now over on that aisle!” I walked over and saw that

Gluten free


In short: this was an excellent, A+, would relive again, day. And now it’s time to snuggle Clark, who’s been waiting very patiently for me to finish this rambly post:

Clark waiting

Summer Bloggin’ Day 50: Background glueing is the best thing ever!

In my previous post I showed how I fortified the pages using book binder tape, and now it was time to start glueing the backgrounds onto the pages. I do this not only because I thoroughly enjoy pasting stuff onto other stuff using Mod Podge, but also to fortify the pages. The sketchbook itself is made of paper that is meant to draw on, and as I’m most likely doing a photo book again, it really needs some support.

On to the pictures, as always we go from left to right and from the top to the bottom (click to embiggen):

Sketchbook collage 2

Top left: First, I took out all my “suited-for-backgrounds”-paper.

Top middle: Then I started sturdyfying the cover.

Top right: This is what the cover looks like now, I will put another layer of paper on it to make it look fancy.

Bottom left: Then I moved on to the pages. Last year I had issues with the book being too thick and not closing properly, so this year I am going to bind it. Not that I know how to bind books, but I’ll figure it out. So instead of glueing the pieces of card together, I left a space inbetween. I hope this makes sense, if not right now, it will in a further stage of the process.

Bottom middle: A double page spread with the cardboard glued to it and the space in the middle.

Bottom right: All the pages glued and cut to size, ready to be flattened underneath a pile of Norton anthologies.

I haven’t even chosen a theme yet, so that’s the next thing, then I’ll move on to making a fancy cover. And after that I will of course need to make the book itself (as in: put stuff in it) and figure out how to bind it. So yeah, there’s still a lot to be done, but it’s only August and the deadline is in January, so I’m well on my way!

Summer Bloggin’ Day 48: Meow life

While discussing knuckle tattoos with a fellow student (like you do), he came up with a hilarious, though quite brilliant (and quite fitting) one for me.

Since I’m not planning on getting my hands tattooed any time soon, I decided to get myself some temporary ones:

Meow life 2 small

Summer Bloggin’ Day 46: Extreme nosesleeping variation

I know, I know, yet another picture, but this absolutely needed to be shared with the world:

Cuticle stick sleeping


Yes, this is Clark, nosesleeper extradorinaire, showing the world a new variation: nosesleeping-on-rosewood-cuticle-stick. I’m quite sure this is going to get him the title at the world championships.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 44: Potato heart

Today in Accidental Discoveries Pre-Dinnertime, “How cute is this?”-edition:


Yes, I did eat it. It tasted exactly like the other potatoes.