Summer Bloggin’ Day 36: Starting The Sketchbook Project 2015!

by LP

Yes, you’ve read that right: I’ve started on my Sketchbook Project already! Yeah, I’m kinda shocked too! So, let’s quit with the excessive use of exclamation points and see what I’ve already done.

Last year I had issues with my sketchbook tearing, so this year I decided to strike preemptively: I again went to my dear friends at Vlieger Papier and bought book binder tape, which I then proceeded to stick onto all pages and the cover to fortify it:

Taping the Sketchbook collage

Big picture: The Sketchbook in its packaging. Top picture on the right, then following the L down: opened sketchbook, fancy bookbinder tape stuff, taping the cover, taped cover, and all pages double taped.

The next step will be doing the backgrounds, I will of course post pictures of the process as soon as they’re done.