Summer Bloggin’ Day 50: Background glueing is the best thing ever!

by LP

In my previous post I showed how I fortified the pages using book binder tape, and now it was time to start glueing the backgrounds onto the pages. I do this not only because I thoroughly enjoy pasting stuff onto other stuff using Mod Podge, but also to fortify the pages. The sketchbook itself is made of paper that is meant to draw on, and as I’m most likely doing a photo book again, it really needs some support.

On to the pictures, as always we go from left to right and from the top to the bottom (click to embiggen):

Sketchbook collage 2

Top left: First, I took out all my “suited-for-backgrounds”-paper.

Top middle: Then I started sturdyfying the cover.

Top right: This is what the cover looks like now, I will put another layer of paper on it to make it look fancy.

Bottom left: Then I moved on to the pages. Last year I had issues with the book being too thick and not closing properly, so this year I am going to bind it. Not that I know how to bind books, but I’ll figure it out. So instead of glueing the pieces of card together, I left a space inbetween. I hope this makes sense, if not right now, it will in a further stage of the process.

Bottom middle: A double page spread with the cardboard glued to it and the space in the middle.

Bottom right: All the pages glued and cut to size, ready to be flattened underneath a pile of Norton anthologies.

I haven’t even chosen a theme yet, so that’s the next thing, then I’ll move on to making a fancy cover. And after that I will of course need to make the book itself (as in: put stuff in it) and figure out how to bind it. So yeah, there’s still a lot to be done, but it’s only August and the deadline is in January, so I’m well on my way!