Summer Bloggin’ Day 54: Huevos rancheros

by LP

Getting (tex) mex food here in the Netherlands is a bit of an ordeal: when you order ‘nachos’, there’s a 99,9% chance you get the chips and only the chips. When you then ask where the rest of your nachos are, they will give you a puzzled look, point at your tortilla chips and say “Well, there they are!” The fact that ‘nachos‘ is a dish consisting of said tortilla chips and a whole load of other stuff on top of it got lost in translation somewhere. 😀

Fortunately, things are slowly but surely changing. Last week I had a great burrito bowl with actually spicy smokey pinaple chipotle and yesterday I got myself some huevos rancheros that looked SO nommy that I took a picture:

Huevos rancheros

Yes, with my phone.

I am hoping that this trend will keep on, so that I’ll soon be able to also have tamales and horchata, because yum. *does some witchy magic to make it happen*