Summer Bloggin’ Day 56: Yoh-guh

by LP

Peeps, it’s finally happened! After years of joking that me and my neurotic behind should go to yoga class, I FINALLY signed up for remedial yoga last week. Today was my first session, and despite being Le Nervous and convinced that my ancient cadaver would not be up for it, things went actually quite okay! Apparently the miraculous thing called muscle memory still works after a very long retirement. The more you know!

But all jokes and exclamation points aside, I was really relieved that I am apparently not in as bad of a shape as I feel I am. But then again, I tend to compare my strength and stamina to how it used to be when I was still a figure skater and a ballerina, and not to a “regular” 38 year old person, let alone to that of a 38 year old person who’s chronically ill and has been under pretty much chronic severe stress for the last 3+ years.

I am hoping to be able to not only gain some of my strength back physically and to reduce my spine curvature related issues, but to also reduce some of that chronic severe stress. Because stress of course also weakens my immune system, which is quite shoddy to begin with, which leads to illness, which leads to having to catch up with my studies, which leads to stress, etcetera, etcetera, you get the picture.

The instructor was quite enthusiastic and was convinced that these were feasible goals, which is very reassuring. Starting next week, I’ll be taking one remedial class a week to begin with, because starting off slow and not overexerting myself is also a thing I need to learn. I’m really looking forward to it. *stretches*