Summer Bloggin’ Day 62: End of summer

by LP

Although I have already started preparing stuff in the last week, from tomorrow on, my holiday will be officially over and things will probably be back to Hectic within no time. On a positive note: this is the first semester in the history of my academic life EVER where I don’t need to go on a quest to find my books because they’re missing and/or on back order, so that’s a plus!

And while immediate extreme tiredness set in upon reading the course descriptions and all the Mario-style feats I have to perform to get to a grade at some point (gamification might be a trend, but it’s not for me), I am ready for my final year to start. Mostly because the end of my studies is FINALLY in sight and I can’t wait for it all to be over and done with, so I can move on and do something else with my life. Not that I have any definite plans of what that “something else” will be, but I still have about a year and half to think of something.

I am also hoping to be able to finish up the last few projects belonging to this particular period during that time. Going through my laptop and old papers I’ve found yet more material for the zines I still want to write, so all I need to do is rewrite and lay things out. Which is still a heap of work. The Sketchbook Project 2015 and my studies absolutely need to get done this year, the rest can be done later. Though I REALLY would like to get all of these things done sooner rather than later, because they’re There, weighing on me like a ton of bricks, and I can’t start up anything new until they’re done. Well, I could, but that would only make my to do list longer, which would be counterproductive to anything ever.

With the year starting, I will also start with a posting schedule. Posting “when I have time/feel like it/have something to say” adds more stress, because I’m constantly thinking “I haven’t posted in too long/I should be posting/Why am I not posting” etcetera. So once a week, on Sunday, a post will appear here on YourfriendLP. Tumblr will be updated in queued batches when there’s material to be queued, Pinterest will be updated depending on the amount of stress (I use it like other people play Patience) and from 1 September on, I’m giving Instagram a go. Depending on how it goes, things might get tweaked at some point, but for now this makes sense.

Thank you all for following my Summer Bloggin’ 2014 series and I’ll hopefully see you next Sunday!