Week One done

by LP

Week One is over and done with, which means that the year has officially started. Not only was this the first year I didn’t have to hunt down missing books, it was also the first year that I was actually on time! Not that the universe wasn’t conspiring against me: first, the bus drove by my stop, then I had to take a tram to return to my stop and walk very fast to get to the right building, and then it turned out we’d had a room change! 😀 Thankfully the new room was on the same floor though.

I’m also glad that I’m starting this year with only one class. September is not my favorite month, and I also had two ‘no big deal but still mweh, don’t want to, but it needs to be done’-type medical appointments that I was unable to book during my holiday happening, so I haven’t been sleeping too well this week (long standing issue in times of stress). Despite this, I still managed to get all my work done on time. Nothing is as discouraging as lagging behind in the first week, something that has happened to me many, many times before, and I’m glad to have managed to avoid that by starting the year off slowly.

While analysing some of the very vivid nightmares I’ve been having this week, I realised that if I don’t drop out by this Wednesday (the 10th), I will have spent more time at my current studies than at any place I’ve ever gone to school or work after the age of 12. Like I’ve written before: my life has been on the unconventional side. Anyway, despite all my bitter whinings, I’m quite proud of myself to have stuck it out, and to keep a good thing going, I’ll be off to bed with a book on Philosophy of Science. And no, not just because it’s a great way to battle insomnia. ;-D