It was a good week

by LP

Yup, I didn’t drop out, which means that I’ve officially broken all my previous attendance records! And although I tend to act all too cool for school, I’m actually quite proud of myself for getting this far.

It was a good week in general, I’ve managed to keep the balance between ‘do stuff’ and ‘overexert yourself’, so on Thursday evening, I gave myself a literal shoulder pat and didn’t even feel silly. Well, I did feel a bit silly, but as me and The Big Kahuna tend to yell “YOLO!”, because, seriously, yolo.

In related news, I’ve made a list of each and every exam, review, essay, and/or any other kind of test I need to do from now until I get my degree. While still a terrifying amount (mostly because for one of my classes, I have to complete at least 21 different kinds of tests – ridiculous, I know), it’s nice to see that it can be fitted in a three page document. I’m thinking of putting it up on my wall and striking things off as I go.

In other news, I will be taking a book binding weekend course next weekend, where I will be working on the binding of my Sketchbook Project 2015 entry. I will of course be taking pictures of the process, which will be posted here and/or on Flickr, depending on how many pictures the process takes.