Bookbinding weekend

by LP

As regular readers know, I am participating in The Sketchbook Project again this year (the 2015 edition). Since last year I had serious problems with my book almost falling apart before I sent it out, I decided that this year I would do things properly. So, this weekend, I did a bookbinding course. In this post you can see what I did up to now.

My idea to fortify the pages in the middle was a good one, but what I hadn’t realised is that now the book itself was thicker than it’s back, which would cause the book to not close properly. This had to be remedied, so – and we’re moving on to the pictures now – please click to embiggen (fyi: this goes for all collages in this post):

Collage 1

From left to right: I added small strips of material. This took a VERY long time, but as you can see in the middle picture, it worked! Then I punched holes into the back (this was SO strenuous that I forgot to take a picture) and sewed everything together.

Collage 2

Then it was time to flatten the book as much as possible, after which I selected a colour for the inside cover pages, and glued them onto my book. On the left you can see what my book looked like at the end of day one.

Collage 3

On day two, I glued a backing onto the book, partly because it’s fancy and party to make it more sturdy. I then glued a fabric-like paper onto the cover, and after glueing the cover onto the book, some more pressing and rounding off of the edges with an edge-rounder-offer machine that is as of now my favorite machine in the world EVER (well, apart from my dishwasher of course), this


is the final result! I will of course still have to work on the cover and the insides, and will of course update on that process.

Because I still had time left, I decided to make another book:

Rainbow book collage

From left to right, top to bottom, then the big picture: I had some greeting cards in rainbow colours, that I decided to use. Sewing everything together went A LOT faster the second time around! I then pressed my book (well, actually the press pressed my book). To keep with the aerial theme, I chose cloud printed paper for the cover. After glueing and pressing everything together, I once more got to use the awesome edge-rounder-offer machine, and on the left you can see the final result.

All in all, it was a great experience and I got a lot done. I enjoyed it so much that I know I’m going to do the multi-week course next year (read: when I’m done with my studies). The course was given in a place where they also had printing presses and all sorts of awesomeness of which I of course took pictures, but I’m having serious issues accessing my Flickr page right now. I will post a link to them as soon as they’re available though, because wooden letters and such.