LP Style zine!

by LP

Yes peeps, it has finally happened!

LP Style collageClick to embiggen!

I have finished the LP Style zine I began as a 24 Hour Zine Thing in 2012! It has grown into a 36 page, A5 story about the evolution of my style from kiddo (yes, there are toddler pictures of me in this zine!) to now, and how factors like my chronic illness, me being a foreigner and my non-conforming personality have influenced the way I look.

Because I am apparently unable to keep things short, there’s a zine-within-a-zine in the middle called “Story Time with LP”, where I write about getting my first tattoo and tell the story of why I always wear shorts. Trust me, this is a story you want to read!

The zine is available for 2 euros + shipping (NL: € 1.28, Europe + rest of the world: € 3.15) at my Etsy store, or by contacting me directly through LogPoes at gmail dot com. Trades are, as always, very welcome!

I already have 4 subscribers to my mailing list, and only one of them is my mom, so let’s keep a good thing going and subscribe if you want to be kept up to date on my zine activities!