First 7 weeks are DONE!

by LP

With the first seven weeks of the new academic year over and done with and exam week coming up, it’s time for a recap. Despite not feeling too well in the last two weeks, I did manage to keep on track with everything, making this the first time EVER (well, except for when I did my summer session at Berkeley) that I am completely uhm, completely on track with everything. I have even started preparing for my exams next week and it would be really nice if I managed to pass this part of the class in one go, so I don’t get stuck with resits and things piling up on top of things and the misery that follows.

After this week, this class will continue with a different teacher, which kinda makes me nervous because I have no clue how that’s going to work out teaching style and course load wise, but there’s nothing I can do about it but see how things go. The teacher I had up to now is super effective efficient and I like his way of structuring things. Thankfully, he will be teaching the second class I’m taking this semester, so I sorta know what to expect.

Apart from that, not much news here. Both Clark and I sleep a lot and are slowly starting to feel better, so that’s a win. And in line with the whole debittering/”treat yo self” thing I’ve been on since the beginning of 2014, I’m going to watch myself some Monkees now. This is my favorite episode ever: