Health issues and Halloween

by LP

Last week was a real culmination of s*ck: after three weeks of “I feel sick” – “I feel better”- “Nope, I feel sick again”, I actually developed a fever and had to stay home. I also decided that I had to drop a class, because I know that if I don’t, I will end up ill and overexerted by the time this semester is over and I still have a (very packed) second semester to go this year, so that would be a recipe for disaster. I am however seriously bummed that I had to drop the class, but I know it’s for the best. And because misery loves company, Clark had to have emergency surgery to remove a lump that, against even the vet’s expectations, fortunately turned out to be benign. He is recuperating well and is back to his core business of snuggling. He’s actually doing so right now.

Because of this, I am still catching up on things like this blogpost, that should have happened on Sunday. To make up for this, two things:

1) Clark and I during our Halloween party (read: I put make up on, woke him up, we took a picture, I took my make up off and we both went back to sleep:


2) On Monday morning, when I was feeling like death warmed up (I am a night person, people!), a classmate asked me where I lived. When I told her I lived in Amsterdam, she asked “Do you live by yourself, or with your parents?” Which I found beyond adorable, considering I turn 39 in about 6 weeks. 😀

Next week, I’ll have a post about make up. To quote Dr. Frank N Furter: