In progress – a short Sketchbook Project 2015 update

by LP

Although the deadline has been extended to March 2015, I have decided to want to finish it before the end of this year. With the book already done, it’s now on to the insides: text and pictures.

I have chosen City Lights as my theme and am now in the shooting and scribbling phase.


City Lights, stolen from my own Instagram

If everything in my life goes according to plan, I’ll be editing and selecting at the end of December, then glueing everything together and sending it off at the beginning of January. If things do not go according to plan, I have almost three extra months to get it done and sent out, so I’m not too worried. So that’s where this project is at right now, the next update (of course, as always, with pictures) will be of my favorite part: the glueing phase.