November update

by LP

With the last month of the year upon us, let’s do a recap!

Dropping one of my two classes seems to have been a good idea, as I have now passed the midterm of the class I didn’t drop (like duh!) and will this week be starting with the preparations for a (socio)linguistics project. Yes people-who-love-to-fill-in-questionaires, prepare yourself because it will be happening soon! As any info about my research would influence the results, I can’t say what I’m going to be researching, but I will say that I am absolutely looking forward to it.

The picture taking for my Sketchbook Project 2015 entry is coming along nicely too. Sometime in the next few weeks, when it is less humid/foggy, I am planning to go out and take pictures of some of the light sculptures that are part of the Amsterdam Light Festival, I might end up using some of them in my sketchbook, and if not, I’ll post them on my flickr and link them here.

And because “Why not?”, I have offered my back stage help to a group of my fellow students who are going to be performing the Shakespeare-based musical “Kiss me, Kate” on the 19th (at 20:15) and on the 20th (at 16:00 and at 20:15) of December at the Universiteitstheater in Amsterdam. Tickets are 5 euros and can be preordered by sending an email to the lovely people who are in charge of the tickets (not me!) at

ETA: apparently I’d mis-scheduled this post, so it didn’t appear on Sunday the 30th. Oops, sorry about that! πŸ™‚