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Month: December, 2014

On schedule

With everybody doing end of year/recap type posts, I felt compelled to do one too, until I realised that for me, this isn’t really the end of the year: I’m only half way. Recap post will therefore be happening in July, as always.

At the moment, I’m enjoying 1 1/2 weeks off and for the first time in 4 years, “off” actually means “off”. I am completely on schedule and I don’t have lingering extended deadlines I need to get things done for, which feels GREAT. Apart from sleeping a ridiculous lot, I’ve been working on selecting pictures for my Sketchbook Project 2015 entry, which is coming along nicely and will most definitely be ready on time. I have also started on the final draft of The Berk zine, and have been compiling material for the zine still named Zine #2, so those projects are also still on their way.

While I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I am planning 2015 to be the year in which I finish up all the “loose ends” (zines, Sketchbooks, STUDIES!!!) and start envisioning what ~the next phase~ will look like. You can all probably imagine that as a person who enjoys having DONE things more than actually doing them, I am REALLY looking forward to that. So onto more writing I go! See you all in the new year! 🙂


Done! :-)

Yup, I all my classes are done, all work has been handed in and I even survived the theatre thing, so I am officially done with university related things for 2014! An “end of year” post will happen next week, because thinking that I would be able to write one after having spent two 12-hour days on my feet doing make up, hair and helping people get (un)dressed, was just, uh, not so realistic.

Apart from writing that post and waiting for my new washer/dryer combo to arrive (I am without a washing mashine at the moment – thankfully I’m too tired to get stressed about it), the coming week I will finally have time to get some sleep, to get through the pile of paperwork that I’ve been trying to ignore for a couple of weeks now and to start selecting pictures for my sketchbook project. To make up (ha!) for the fact that this post is very low on both the info and the energy, have a preview/outtake (not sure yet) of one of the light grafiti photos I shot earlier tonight:

Light grafiti

*goes off to wash some more brushes and sponges*

Anti-bucket list

As I spent this weekend either sleeping or writing essays, I had less than zero inspiration/material for a blogpost. Sure, I could post (yet) another “me and Clark are snuggling“-picture, because he really IS the cutest, but then I’d have to rename this blog “Your friend Clark” and make it a cat blog.

The Daily Post’s writing prompt to the rescue! While they’re always good prompts prompt-wise, I have never really felt the need to answer one of them, because they’re usually not relevant to my life in general and to this blog specifically. Today’s prompt however, was perfect: “What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?”

I often feel like my life is ruled by schedules and to do lists, and I am aware that that gives off the impression that I’m trying to do ~all the things~. Trust me, I’m not, I’m just having THE hardest time doing the preselected things I need/want to do, because like I said on my Dutch blog: ‘At the end of my energy, there’s still stuff to do left’. File under: the joys of chronic illness.

7 semi-random things I’ll never ever want to do ever (again), an incomplete, medium-sized anti-bucket list:

  1. Go camping/trekking/backpacking;
  2. Read those horrible click-baity, SEO-friendly listicle blogposts;
  3. Write one of those horrible listicle-blogposts, maybe except for one called “10 reasons why I don’t care about your wannabe pro-blogger, SEO-friendly listicle blogposts”;
  4. Live without a cat for a longer period of time;
  5. Do any kind of studies at the UvA after I finish my BA;
  6. Finish books/movies/series I don’t enjoy;
  7. Hang out in places/with people that make me uncomfortable.

I am quite sure that I’ll think of at least 23 other things when I’m in the middle of polishing up my last essay in (hopefully) 20 minutes, but this will have to do for now. As always, feel free to (dis)agree and/or add your own (anti-)bucket list items in the comment section! 🙂

Not a plushie

Clark cuddlesI repeat: real cat, not a plushie.